All Things Come Better in Tu's

Tu's is actually Spanish for "yours" as it signifies you will really feel at home in this comfy restaurant started by two best friends Krsna and Kai. They serve fine Spanish comfort food that will make you regret you had not discovered this quaint restaurant sooner.

Fresh Lemonade Pitcher (P395)

There is nothing that feels better than having a cold glass of lemonade. Tu's takes it up another notch by serving a pitcher of freshly squeezed lemonade. This time, they mean freshly squeezed because they squeeze the lemonades upon your order. What a treat!

Mozzarella Sticks (P220)

One of their new dishes is the Mozzarella Sticks. I made a mistake at first to not dip the cheese loaded sticks into the tomato salsa as it turned out to be a nice combination.

Wet Beef Burrito (P390)

The only rice dish we had for the night was hidden in mozzarella cheese and salsa in this Wet Beef Burrito. The rice with beef is wrapped in a tortilla lathered with tomato sauce and topped with sour cream and jalapenos. The fact that it was cooked in this Cazuela or Spanish cooking pot makes it even more attractive to foodies like me. This dish definitely had me hooked right from the start until the end but I preferred to skip the jalapenos since I have a low tolerance in spicy food.

4 Cheese and Bacon Pot Pie (P390)

I'm glad Tu's has an assortment of Pot Pies and I was also happy the one we got to try was the 4 Cheese and Bacon Pot Pie. I love cheese and there was just so much cheese in this one that I was so addicted to it from my first bite up to the last one. I have to admit it was my favorite among all the dishes that was served.

Cheese and Onions (P680)

Herbed Butter (P640)

I loved the concept of their rib eye getting topped with different toppings as the Herbed Butter is topped with fresh herbs and butter while the Cheese and Onions is with melted cheese and sauteed white onions. They are also served with your choice of home fries, smashed potato with grave, butter, rice or sauteed corn. Before that, they will ask you your desired doneness and we got the medium rare which is the most popular one.

Fideua Negra (P490)

It is Tu's version of the Seafood Paella except we get noodles instead of rice which is something I have never seen before. I really have to give credit to Chef Krsna for all these innovative recipes that I thought we were never going to see but we are seeing it at Tu's thanks to her. I have to give two thumbs up to the Fideua Negra too as it is a perfect fit to be in tandem with the rib eye steak.

Half Baked Cookie (P180)

A lot of people come to Tu's just for the Half Baked Cookie and it has got to be the most Instragrammable item on the menu as well. I saw the eyes of my fellow bloggers light up from the moment they tasted it. Their homemade cookie is chewy, gooey and downright yummy. I highly recommend it to everybody as it is more than just a photogenic dessert.

The smooth ambiance, good food and friendly company made this rare trip to the south for me pretty much worth it. I will certainly come back to try the other pot pies and the half baked cookie again.

D1 Westgate Center, Alabang

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