My First Cooking Class Session at Manila Culinary & Hospitality Academy

I admit I am someone who does not really know how to cook as my only "cooking" experience is microwaving it. However, I finally got curious on what happens in the kitchen. I have to thank Manila Culinary Hospitality & Academy as I finally got to learn how to cook (sort of). I brought along the blogger group in this once in a lifetime blogger's cookout. 

Demo Chef Myrna Palma starts us off with a simple lecture about cooking methods. She asked all of us what we love to cook. I actually got nervous when it was going to be my turn because I have no experience whatsoever in cooking. I ended up telling everyone that I only love eating so I wanted to learn cooking for a change. Guess what? I ended up getting two points for being honest.

The kitchen of MCHA is huge and is fully air conditioned. I actually brought extra clothes because I thought we were going to be sweating real hard like what I have seen in other kitchens. It was a good thing that did not happen as they are also complete with cooking equipment necessary for a fun cooking session.

There were cooking knives and other familiar materials were available so there won't be a problem of looking for kitchen utensils to use. Be careful with the sharp ones though as they won't apologize if you blade yourself with those things. If you are scare of sharp objects then this obviously is not for you.

Chef told us that we'd be making Chicken Cordon Bleu which is ironically one of my favorite dishes. We ended up getting divided into groups as one group was in charge of the chicken, another was in charge of the potatoes and another was in charge of the vegetables. I realized that there are so many people involved in making one small meal.

After that, we finally got our hands dirty. I actually learned that you don't cut vegetables right away. You have to grate them first. I think gloves are needed in procedures like this though. After cutting carrots, I wonder how rabbits feel whenever they eat carrots in whole.

The entire team had a great time cooking and I saw everyone was so serious with the tasks they were given. They really enjoyed being chefs even for just one day. It was great to see people of different professions get their hands dirty.

Voila! #teamaldouscooks ended with a masterpiece Chicken Cordon Bleu. Congrats to the entire blogger group for this dish as I really think we should teach their chefs if it ends up getting added to the menu of 7 Flavors. Kidding aside, Chef Myrna did a good job of assisting each team with the process.

Be sure to check out their Facebook page for their upcoming courses as enrollment is currently ongoing now for Culinary Arts Fundamentals for 60 hours every Saturday morning from 8AM to 1PM. Chef Boy Logro himself will also be conducting a Fruit & Vegetable Carving Workshopo on August 9 from 1PM to 6PM.

Manila Culinary & Hospitality Academy
663 J. Wright St. Brgy. Batis, San Juan

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