Customize your Steak Meal at Rustic Box Steakhouse

The newest food park in town The Yard at Xavierville has food stalls with eye-catching concepts. One of them is Rustic Box Steakhouse and it is a place where you can customize your steak meal. I had a rare opportunity of being able to sample a couple of their dishes and it was a no brainer for me to say yes.

Since they take their steaks seriously, they are open to any comments and suggestions from customers who were either happy or sad with their steak. Well, I am proud to say I was more than happy with their steaks and I am definitely coming back soon for more. There are 4 easy steps before you enjoy your steak. First, choose the steak then the sauce then how it is cooked and finally the sidings. I have to tip my hat over to BFFs Iza Sarmiento and Tin Salapong-Licudine for coming up with this wonderful concept because it means you are in control of your steak meal.

Surf n Turf

When I looked at their menu, I quickly chose Surf n Turf because of my love for shrimp. If there is anything better than eating shrimp, it is eating it with rib eye steak. The sides I chose were dirty rice and macaroni ragu. I loved the presentation of their meals too. Eating it on a wooden board is kind of refreshing and it puts a different type of enjoyment to the experience. I had it cooked well done and I could really tell that it was excellently cooked. I have to give compliments on the chef for this wonderful meal. 

The macaroni ragu and dirty rice are sides you must try. Macaroni Ragu is basically mac & cheese in tomato sauce and I loved their version. The best part about the meal is the rib eye steaks were very tender. I just wished there were more shrimps but that would be asking too much. 

Blue Marlin (P200)

Since it was late at night, it would be wise to eat fish for dinner so I also had Blue Marlin. At only P200, it already comes with plain rice and one side dish. That is such a good deal at that price tag.The fish was fried to perfection and corn is the perfect side dish to go along with it too.

Be sure to bring your friends whenever you are craving for steaks at Rustic Box.

Rustic Box Steakhouse
The Yard, 83 Xavierville Avenue
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R ayon kay ...

The concept is cool and unique. I'm sure my fiance would love this. Prices are fair given the value.

Unknown ayon kay ...

I love the presentation of the food.

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