55 Square Cafe lands at Katipunan Avenue

Named after (obviously) its size, 55 Square Cafe is a new coffee shop in Katipunan Avenue, a street known for being surrounded by numerous schools. They are a coffee shop that is brewing up what third wave coffee shop was not able to give, making them a fourth wave coffee shop. They have Filipino coffees from different regions as the partners with small scale suppliers who in turn create a community of coffee farmers in the Bukidnon region and Cordilleras. If that does not excite coffee lovers then I don't know what will.

Occupying the same place as 55 Square Cafe is Vongarde Art Gallery. It is a place that attempts to bring life to the art community in the city. They also aim to educate buyers about the market trends so it can result to smart investments for them. They have high taste in regards to art so they offer art management to new artists whom they think have the potential to be famous one day. They even have Maison Art Workshops by Vongarde for those who want to learn art or bring their knowledge to the next level. This is indeed a place art enthusiasts will love.

I thought I was finally becoming an art lover with the work of art here at Vongarde Art Gallery. I took a long look at one masterpiece that I could not get my eyes off of it. A few seconds later, I realized it was a mirror. Kidding aside, the art works here are definitely going to have even non art lovers staring at them for a while.

Filipino Deli Pasta (P245)

If the Filipino Deli Pasta tastes familiar then that is because it tastes like the classic palabok since it includes kesong puti, salted eggs, tomatoes and tinapa. Sprinkle it with calamansi and you have yourself a Filipino dish for all ages.

Peppered Tuna Panini (P195)

I love it when the ciabatta bread is toasted to perfection. In between it is fresh tuna, pepper aioili, spinach, mozzarella, parmesan and dried mangoes. One bite out of it and I knew I wanted more than just two of them.

Smoked Chicken Umamifredo (P245)

I am familiar with how people perceive pasta as a healthy alternative to rice meals. I love how this coffee shop does not have any rice dish as they focus mainly on paninis and pasta. The Smoked Chicken Umamifredo has the right flavor in it and I recommend it to all pasta lovers.

Chicken Inasal Panini (P185)

My favorite out of all the food served is the Chicken Inasal Panini. It contains chicken strips, inasal mayo, kesong puti, salted egg and mozzarella. The potato chips combined with it gives it such a delicate taste too. I'd definitely come back just for this panini.

For those who are interested in art workshops, I have good news. They are available in groups so you will be able to meet fellow art enthusiasts. Who knows? You may even meet your soulmate. The place is just 55 square meters after all. You can also enroll your kids as they accept anybody above 5 years old.

55 Square Cafe & Von Garde Art Gallery
G/F Alcal Building, Katipunan Avenue

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