Wakamojo Unleashes a Sausage Fest

No, it is not that sausage fest you are thinking. Located at the 2nd floor of the Yard at Xavierville, Wakamojo unleashes a grand sausage party like no other. In case you have not guessed, it is a sausage themed food stall. Hotdogs here are mixed with different ingredients and brought out in affordable prices. For those who don't like their sausages on sandwiches, they also have it on rice. How great is that!

Wakamojo Dog (P200)

Wakamojo Dog is hungarian sausage with chili con carne, bacon bits, nacho cheese and grilled onions. Believe it or not, I had a hard time finishing the entire thing which means it is good for at least two people. I love the concept of this place and they cook their sausages nicely too. I'd definitely come back as their sausages have me craving for more. I could talk about their sausages all day actually.

The Yard at Xavierville, Xavierville Avenue

55 Square Cafe lands at Katipunan Avenue

Named after (obviously) its size, 55 Square Cafe is a new coffee shop in Katipunan Avenue, a street known for being surrounded by numerous schools. They are a coffee shop that is brewing up what third wave coffee shop was not able to give, making them a fourth wave coffee shop. They have Filipino coffees from different regions as the partners with small scale suppliers who in turn create a community of coffee farmers in the Bukidnon region and Cordilleras. If that does not excite coffee lovers then I don't know what will.

Occupying the same place as 55 Square Cafe is Vongarde Art Gallery. It is a place that attempts to bring life to the art community in the city. They also aim to educate buyers about the market trends so it can result to smart investments for them. They have high taste in regards to art so they offer art management to new artists whom they think have the potential to be famous one day. They even have Maison Art Workshops by Vongarde for those who want to learn art or bring their knowledge to the next level. This is indeed a place art enthusiasts will love.

I thought I was finally becoming an art lover with the work of art here at Vongarde Art Gallery. I took a long look at one masterpiece that I could not get my eyes off of it. A few seconds later, I realized it was a mirror. Kidding aside, the art works here are definitely going to have even non art lovers staring at them for a while.

Filipino Deli Pasta (P245)

If the Filipino Deli Pasta tastes familiar then that is because it tastes like the classic palabok since it includes kesong puti, salted eggs, tomatoes and tinapa. Sprinkle it with calamansi and you have yourself a Filipino dish for all ages.

Peppered Tuna Panini (P195)

I love it when the ciabatta bread is toasted to perfection. In between it is fresh tuna, pepper aioili, spinach, mozzarella, parmesan and dried mangoes. One bite out of it and I knew I wanted more than just two of them.

Smoked Chicken Umamifredo (P245)

I am familiar with how people perceive pasta as a healthy alternative to rice meals. I love how this coffee shop does not have any rice dish as they focus mainly on paninis and pasta. The Smoked Chicken Umamifredo has the right flavor in it and I recommend it to all pasta lovers.

Chicken Inasal Panini (P185)

My favorite out of all the food served is the Chicken Inasal Panini. It contains chicken strips, inasal mayo, kesong puti, salted egg and mozzarella. The potato chips combined with it gives it such a delicate taste too. I'd definitely come back just for this panini.

For those who are interested in art workshops, I have good news. They are available in groups so you will be able to meet fellow art enthusiasts. Who knows? You may even meet your soulmate. The place is just 55 square meters after all. You can also enroll your kids as they accept anybody above 5 years old.

55 Square Cafe & Von Garde Art Gallery
G/F Alcal Building, Katipunan Avenue

My First Cooking Class Session at Manila Culinary & Hospitality Academy

I admit I am someone who does not really know how to cook as my only "cooking" experience is microwaving it. However, I finally got curious on what happens in the kitchen. I have to thank Manila Culinary Hospitality & Academy as I finally got to learn how to cook (sort of). I brought along the blogger group in this once in a lifetime blogger's cookout. 

Demo Chef Myrna Palma starts us off with a simple lecture about cooking methods. She asked all of us what we love to cook. I actually got nervous when it was going to be my turn because I have no experience whatsoever in cooking. I ended up telling everyone that I only love eating so I wanted to learn cooking for a change. Guess what? I ended up getting two points for being honest.

The kitchen of MCHA is huge and is fully air conditioned. I actually brought extra clothes because I thought we were going to be sweating real hard like what I have seen in other kitchens. It was a good thing that did not happen as they are also complete with cooking equipment necessary for a fun cooking session.

There were cooking knives and other familiar materials were available so there won't be a problem of looking for kitchen utensils to use. Be careful with the sharp ones though as they won't apologize if you blade yourself with those things. If you are scare of sharp objects then this obviously is not for you.

Chef told us that we'd be making Chicken Cordon Bleu which is ironically one of my favorite dishes. We ended up getting divided into groups as one group was in charge of the chicken, another was in charge of the potatoes and another was in charge of the vegetables. I realized that there are so many people involved in making one small meal.

After that, we finally got our hands dirty. I actually learned that you don't cut vegetables right away. You have to grate them first. I think gloves are needed in procedures like this though. After cutting carrots, I wonder how rabbits feel whenever they eat carrots in whole.

The entire team had a great time cooking and I saw everyone was so serious with the tasks they were given. They really enjoyed being chefs even for just one day. It was great to see people of different professions get their hands dirty.

Voila! #teamaldouscooks ended with a masterpiece Chicken Cordon Bleu. Congrats to the entire blogger group for this dish as I really think we should teach their chefs if it ends up getting added to the menu of 7 Flavors. Kidding aside, Chef Myrna did a good job of assisting each team with the process.

Be sure to check out their Facebook page for their upcoming courses as enrollment is currently ongoing now for Culinary Arts Fundamentals for 60 hours every Saturday morning from 8AM to 1PM. Chef Boy Logro himself will also be conducting a Fruit & Vegetable Carving Workshopo on August 9 from 1PM to 6PM.

Manila Culinary & Hospitality Academy
663 J. Wright St. Brgy. Batis, San Juan

Customize your Steak Meal at Rustic Box Steakhouse

The newest food park in town The Yard at Xavierville has food stalls with eye-catching concepts. One of them is Rustic Box Steakhouse and it is a place where you can customize your steak meal. I had a rare opportunity of being able to sample a couple of their dishes and it was a no brainer for me to say yes.

Since they take their steaks seriously, they are open to any comments and suggestions from customers who were either happy or sad with their steak. Well, I am proud to say I was more than happy with their steaks and I am definitely coming back soon for more. There are 4 easy steps before you enjoy your steak. First, choose the steak then the sauce then how it is cooked and finally the sidings. I have to tip my hat over to BFFs Iza Sarmiento and Tin Salapong-Licudine for coming up with this wonderful concept because it means you are in control of your steak meal.

Surf n Turf

When I looked at their menu, I quickly chose Surf n Turf because of my love for shrimp. If there is anything better than eating shrimp, it is eating it with rib eye steak. The sides I chose were dirty rice and macaroni ragu. I loved the presentation of their meals too. Eating it on a wooden board is kind of refreshing and it puts a different type of enjoyment to the experience. I had it cooked well done and I could really tell that it was excellently cooked. I have to give compliments on the chef for this wonderful meal. 

The macaroni ragu and dirty rice are sides you must try. Macaroni Ragu is basically mac & cheese in tomato sauce and I loved their version. The best part about the meal is the rib eye steaks were very tender. I just wished there were more shrimps but that would be asking too much. 

Blue Marlin (P200)

Since it was late at night, it would be wise to eat fish for dinner so I also had Blue Marlin. At only P200, it already comes with plain rice and one side dish. That is such a good deal at that price tag.The fish was fried to perfection and corn is the perfect side dish to go along with it too.

Be sure to bring your friends whenever you are craving for steaks at Rustic Box.

Rustic Box Steakhouse
The Yard, 83 Xavierville Avenue
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Sweet Concoctions at the Milkshake Lab

Located (literally) right in the middle of The Yard at Xavierville is the Milkshake Lab. It won't be hard to find them because they are the only air conditioned food stall in the food park. It can get a little hot when you stay long in the Yard so when that happens, drop by to enjoy the air con there along with their wonderful milkshake and smoothie concoctions.

 White Chocolate Macadamia (P150)

I was glad when I had one of their best sellers in the White Chocolate Macadamia. The macadamia nuts are right on top along with a cookie and an injection (once again literally) of white chocolate. Any time is always a good time to have this milkshake. I was tempted to drink it fast like it was water too.

 Melon Smoothie (P80)

Guess what? They also don't have milkshakes, they also have fruit smoothies that are so milky it sent me to the farm. I chose my favorite fruit Melon and it turns out I did not make a bad choice no matter which fruit I chose.

Red Velvet (P150)

With owner Jillian Hizon's pastry background, I expected the Red Velvet Milkshake to be nothing short of magnificent and it was. It tastes exactly like the Red Velvet cake we have grown to love. In fact, I thought it was even better. There's even some red velvet cake bits on top that's definitely the icing on the cake (no pun intended).

I am no scientist but I can't wait to try the other milkshakes and smoothie concoctions over at the Milkshake Lab. Look out for new items soon to be added on their menu too. Their milkshake brings all the boys (and girls) into the Yard....at Xavierville. Damn right!

Milkshake Lab
The Yard, 83 Xavierville Avenue
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