Cold Hard Facts about Team Aldous Quiz Night 6

The 6th Team Aldous Quiz Night held at Borough is in the books and it was a beauty. 4 teams battled for Supremacy but only one can come out on top and it was the Contouring. A team name that spoofed a recent movie (I'm not saying which). We definitely had by far the best poster here even though it came out a day before the event so kudos to Pri for creating it. Most of the bloggers who participated actually ate at Borough before so that says a lot about the popularity of the restaurant.

 Titas of Manila

Jen leads a group of captains who are all first timers which happens for the second straight quiz night. She captains a team which should not be bragging about their average age (umm, lets not talk about that). Joining her 3rd consecutive quiz night, Bettina now has had 9 different quiz night teammates which is third to J9 at 11 and Jayce at 12.

 Lion's Den

Lion's Den is actually the most experienced Quiz Night team entering the event as Jessa (Wingman I, Grilla II) is appearing on her 3rd quiz night and both Manfred and Allen are appearing on their 2nd with only Shiela as the rookie. However, as the end result determined, experience is NEVER a factor in these quiz nights. It is all about the will to win.

 Batang Kaladkarin

Considered as the overwhelming favorite coming into tonight, Mga Batang Kaladkarin featured two former quiz night champions in J9 (Uncle Cheffy and Wingman) and Christine (Grilla 2) as they proved that after leading the Name that Tune category. However, we found out at the end of the night it is not wise to underestimate the eventual champions....

 The Contouring

Congratulations to The Contouring as they are the first quiz night champion with the fewest members (3) as the previous one was 4 which happened three times. The hardest part now is obviously splitting the prize of P2500 Borough Gift Certificates ( 5 P500 GCs) among three winners which is mathematically impossible. I don't think Einstein can even solve that problem.

After all the fun and games, we all still remain friends. See y'all in part 7!

G/F, Podium

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Unknown ayon kay ...

This was such a great activity!

R ayon kay ...

Looks fun! Whenever there's quiz night, people always get competitive. Did you allow searching answers through Google? :)

Unknown ayon kay ...

I was rooting for Team Titas =(

Unknown ayon kay ...

That is one bad ass poster if I do say so myself. On a side note, I think team Batang Kaladkarin had a great chance here.

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