Comfort Food at its Finest at The Frazzled Cook

Whoever the cook is at the Frazzled Cook, I would like to see how she would get frazzled even more because they certainly put a new meaning to the term "comfort food". There is a good reason why they are number one in Booky's top 10 most popular in Quezon City. I consider myself lucky I live nearby too. I would not mind coming back over and over again until I have tried all the items in their menu. That's how good their food is. 

 Herbed Chicken Salad (P275)

 Pizza Caprese (P295)

It was a pizza that I wanted to order again that same night. It had kesong puti and freshly grilled tomatoes and it is yummy in every bite. I just felt the pizza crust was in the oven a bit longer than it should be but that was quickly forgiven.

Sizzling Squid (P495)

I loved how they marinated the squid here. It is something that's hard to describe in words as you have to taste it to find out how good it is. I wouldn't say it is a life-changing dish but it is close to that.

Beef Kebab (P325)

The Beef Kebab was served to us in both rice and mashed potato. I personally liked the mashed potato option as I'm a big potato fan. It was great how the meat was cooked very tender in this dish too.

 Truffle Pasta (P325)

The ultimate best seller has got to be the Truffle Pasta. In fact, the owner told us that groups would go here and all they would order is the family size of it. They made a good decision since the family size is a good steal at only P515. The homemade white truffle sauce is what got me hooked into it and I am sure it is the same thing that will get everyone else hooked.

Paella Negra (P375)

At the first glance of Paella Negra, I knew my teeth was going to be color black. Looking at all the seafood it had, I decided that did not matter. This one is good for a big group though since it had a lot of rice and I understand how everyone is trying to avoid rice these days.

Pancake Ala Mode (P195)

Who would have ever thought vanilla ice cream on top of pancake would taste this good? This was one of those rare times when I wished they did not put too much syrup in this dish. I thought it could do just as good without it. Whichever way you look at it, don't spend too much time taking a picture of this photogenic dish as the ice cream might melt.

The Frazzled Cook
78 Scout Gandia, Quezon City

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Unknown ayon kay ...

Happy birthday! I hope you had a quality time on your special day

Unknown ayon kay ...

The Pancake Ala Mode is something I want to have again.

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