Get Clucky at Lucky Chic

Coming from the same people behind Nolita, Les Bagels and Borough comes a Southern American Fried Chicken themed restaurant named Lucky Chick. Their Buttermilk Fried Chicken is actually homemade since you can't buy none of that here. After tasting their chicken, I guarantee you are going to be up all night to get clucky.

Hot Chick Sandwich (P180)

A lot of my fellow bloggers tasted their hot chick sandwich and they can't decide whether it was spicy enough for them. Some had high tolerance on spices while others were used to eating spicy food. I ended up not sampling it but I have to admit I saw some satisfied faces on the other bloggers when they ate this sandwich.

 Drumstick Platter (P220)

There are several platters to choose from but the best chicken part is by far the drumstick. It has the most meat and is the yummiest. For groups who plane to dine here, I highly recommend the drumstick platter.

 Ice Cream Sandwich (P150)

After tasting the Ice Cream Sandwich, the bloggers wondered what brand of ice cream is sandwiched between the two chocolate chip cookies. When they decided to ask one of the owners Pat the question "Anong ice cream yan?". He replied "Vanilla!" By far, that was the best joke of the night!

 For their gravy, you have the option between Original, Apple Cedar and Honey. My favorite was without a doubt the Apple Cedar. It would be hard to tell the difference since they are all the same color (duh) so I thought the containers should have had some labels in them.

 Have I mentioned the side dishes you can choose to go along with your chicken meal? They are splendid! They have corn bread, mac & cheese, corn & carrots, mashed potato, garlic rice, plain rice, green salad, biscuit and doughnut. My favorite by far was the corn bread. I literally wanted a box all to myself after trying it out.

 Cream Dory Fillet (P220)

It is possible to eat healthy in this restaurant with the Cream Dory Fillet. I'm glad it is boneless and the french fries is the perfect side dish to complement it. There's cream mayo for the fish and catsup for the fries. I fear too many sauces can ruin the true taste of the food though so I advise to not use too much of that.

 Pulled Pork Sandwich (P200)

The Pulled Pork Sandwich tastes incomplete without the BBQ sauces that comes with it. The chili and onions on top will surely give you that extra kick in your meal. I am aware that pulled pork sandwich is a new dish that's popping up everywhere as of late and they are wise to have this on the menu.

Pecan Pie (P200)

Lucky Chick
UP Town Center

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