Get Clucky at Lucky Chic

Coming from the same people behind Nolita, Les Bagels and Borough comes a Southern American Fried Chicken themed restaurant named Lucky Chick. Their Buttermilk Fried Chicken is actually homemade since you can't buy none of that here. After tasting their chicken, I guarantee you are going to be up all night to get clucky.

Hot Chick Sandwich (P180)

A lot of my fellow bloggers tasted their hot chick sandwich and they can't decide whether it was spicy enough for them. Some had high tolerance on spices while others were used to eating spicy food. I ended up not sampling it but I have to admit I saw some satisfied faces on the other bloggers when they ate this sandwich.

 Drumstick Platter (P220)

There are several platters to choose from but the best chicken part is by far the drumstick. It has the most meat and is the yummiest. For groups who plane to dine here, I highly recommend the drumstick platter.

 Ice Cream Sandwich (P150)

After tasting the Ice Cream Sandwich, the bloggers wondered what brand of ice cream is sandwiched between the two chocolate chip cookies. When they decided to ask one of the owners Pat the question "Anong ice cream yan?". He replied "Vanilla!" By far, that was the best joke of the night!

 For their gravy, you have the option between Original, Apple Cedar and Honey. My favorite was without a doubt the Apple Cedar. It would be hard to tell the difference since they are all the same color (duh) so I thought the containers should have had some labels in them.

 Have I mentioned the side dishes you can choose to go along with your chicken meal? They are splendid! They have corn bread, mac & cheese, corn & carrots, mashed potato, garlic rice, plain rice, green salad, biscuit and doughnut. My favorite by far was the corn bread. I literally wanted a box all to myself after trying it out.

 Cream Dory Fillet (P220)

It is possible to eat healthy in this restaurant with the Cream Dory Fillet. I'm glad it is boneless and the french fries is the perfect side dish to complement it. There's cream mayo for the fish and catsup for the fries. I fear too many sauces can ruin the true taste of the food though so I advise to not use too much of that.

 Pulled Pork Sandwich (P200)

The Pulled Pork Sandwich tastes incomplete without the BBQ sauces that comes with it. The chili and onions on top will surely give you that extra kick in your meal. I am aware that pulled pork sandwich is a new dish that's popping up everywhere as of late and they are wise to have this on the menu.

Pecan Pie (P200)

Lucky Chick
UP Town Center

Meet the Confident and Calm Mr. Churros

Just opened at the F7 Rallos pop-up is Mr. Churros. The man of sweets can be shown flexing not his muscles but those lovely churros that can be enjoyed with the whole family. It can even be mixed with traditonal desserts ice cream and cake. That's two lovely desserts in one serving. Who could resist that?


I have to say P700 for a whole Blueberry Cheesecake with Churros surrounding it is not as pricey as you think it is. I mean you are getting two lovely desserts in one dish, right? Each slice takes you on a trip to heaven and back too. This one is as good as advertised.

One of their signature Churros is teh Oreo Churro. I am a big fan of Oreos and I'm glad they invented this type of Churros. It was so good that there were times I was dreaming of it when I get the itch to come back to Mr. Churros.

Another one of their signature creations is the Bacon Churro. Anything with bacon is nice and that includes Churros. I have to say you must not forget dipping it into chocolate after mixing it with brown sugar for that yummy after taste.

It is also possible to create your own churros volcano with all the yummy toppings available. It will surely be one sweet ending after a yummy dinner at one of the restaurants in F7 Rallos.

Dinner with Zomans at 7 Flavors

It was great to meet the top reviewers at Zomato as I was invited by Team Aldous' Heavenly Headturner Princess to this food event at 7 Flavors. Seriously, nobody would ever think of her as a foodie. I mistakenly thought it was a hot pot buffet but the food is already cooked. They also claim Chef Boy Logro is the man behind it all. So how were the buffet dishes?

I have to admit I did not try all the main course dishes there since I just came from a buffet lunch. I noticed the Zomans love to eat as they made it a point to sample everything. I just felt that trying everything would make my tummy explode. My favorite is the Chicken Mole though but that sure isn't a good name for a dish. I mean would anybody want to eat a Chicken's Mole? Being a fan of Kare-Kare, I have to say it is also good. For the Szechuan Vegetables, they need more butter. I saw they were always putting new Liempo in the tray and that's good news since it needs to be crispy all the time.

I thought the presentation of the buffet needed improvement. The customers must get a feeling that the food at the buffet is fresh and not that it has been in the ref for a long time. Lighting a candle under the containers might be a good idea. I think the presentation is one of the elements you have to take seriously when having a buffet restaurant especially since they have affordable rates. It is just P400 for lunch and P500 for dinner during Monday to Thursday while Friday to Sundays it's P600 for both lunch and dinner. That is not so bad considering the amount of food in the buffet.

Like other similarly themed buffets, they have a carving station, salad section, sushi boat and dessert station. That is good news for all the hungry hounds out there as you are going to get a complete meal. I actually wondered if Chef Boy Logro is the head chef here or just an endorser. I personally sampled Chef Boy Logro's food in an event before and the quality of his food is much better than the one we had here so I certainly don't see his presence in the food. I just see him as an endorser with a cut-out of himself on the outside.

After dinner, the owner Kenneth asked each person for any comments about the place like a graded recitation. I was not prepared for it since I was not able to try all the food they had but I certainly will when I come back. I thought they had some promising dishes and I have to say the Vegetable Soup was my favorite as I had two bowls of it. I loved the concept of different cuisines in one buffet spread though as I think that is where the name "7 Flavors" came from.

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7 Flavors
196 A. Mabini, San Juan
(02) 543-0325

3 Floors of Different Appeals at Isla Una

Located at City Golf Plaza in Ortigas City, Isla Una is a place where you can be yourself and feel the comforts of home. It offers authentic Filipino food coming from secret family recipes passed on through generations. It lets you experience ultimate Filipino delights from different regions across the country.

 On its menu, you will find familiar Filipino dishes and as I found out, they are cooked to perfection. The recommended ones are the Crispy Pata and Lechon Belly as you won’t be able to resist the crispiness of the two. Both of them also have delicious fall-off meat that will make you come back for more. 

They also have their own version of Kare-Kare topped with ox shank, ox tripe and vegetables in creamy peanut sauce. It is one of my all-time favorite Filipino dishes that was made even better. I thought I saw the chef at one point as I wanted to compliment him on the good food.

The best seafood dish is without a doubt the Prawn Aligue. On the plate is a considerable amount of prawns cooked in smothering Aligue sauce that will never fail to make you give it a thumbs up after every bite. Moving on, Kampukan is perfect for those who want an exotic experience. The unique dish is a mixture of grilled pork belly, onions, green chilis, black pepper, and a heartfelt combination of secret spices that give its surprisingly distinctive flavor.

The restaurant has three floors and each floor has a different theme with matching music and interiors. The ground floor has the right happy interior perfect for lunch meetings, family reunions and get-togethers. The second floor is a more intimate place with a darker tone and a television screen that shows live sporting games. It is perfect for those who want to unwind after a long day's work. Finally, the roof deck is the best place to be for romantic dinners as it gives a nice view of the Ortigas Skyline. No matter what the occasion may be, Isla Una is definitely the perfect place to eat at.

Vibe Cafe launches its New Menu

Vibe Cafe has recently launched its new menu and it includes delicious healthy food conceptualized by Francis Lim of Tipple and Slaw fame. It would be a great idea to indulge on the food here after taking a relaxing Yoga class at L!FE.



 Agent Orange (P220)

For drinks, I had the Agent Orange. This one features Orange, Carrot, Dalandan, Fayenne, Ginger and Fiji Apple. I felt that the Ginger was a little strong in this one as it tasted a bit well gingery and I could hardly taste the other fruits in it. I wish there was another version without the Ginger.

 Say You, Sesame (P240)

I actually sampled Say You, Sesame before and it is still really good. I love it when sesames are mixed with brown rice as it gives a really distinctive flavor. It also has mushroom soy and slices of chicken and I would not hesitate to order this again. It is one of my favorites not only at Vibe but anywhere.

Sweet Dreams Are Made of Cheese (P190)

One excellent Vegetarian selection is the Sweet Dreams Are Made of Cheese. The toasted bread is what made this dish so good for me. The fact that it contained buffalo mozzarella, tomato, cheddar and raw honey only made things even better. I actually had a couple of it and I found out it is hard to pick a favorite.among the new menu items at Vibe Cafe.

Vibe Cafe
2/F Eight Forbeswood Center

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Eat your Heart Out at the Summer Reign Food Fest on April 23-24

Aldous ate the World is a proud media partner of the Summer Reign Food Fest happening on April 23 - 24, 2016 at the SMX Convention Center, SM Aura Premier. The event is made possible by the longest running sorority in the Ateneo Law School, Regina Iustitae.

The event features local and international food brands showcasing the best they have to offer. Some of the most popular foodies in the country will also be on hand including Roch Santos, Kyna Gem, Steffi Chua and of course, myself. Entrance to the event is FREE and registering gets you P1000 GCs from our sponsor.

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