UnliTempura and Chops at Big Jap

It does not get any bigger than Big Jap's unlimited tempura and chops promo. This is definitely good news to all the tempura lovers out there like me. On a hungry night, I would probably devour 20 shrimps but Father Time is sadly catching up so yeah that number may be a bit too high. Make it 19! Imagine all of that including the Iced Tea and Scallion Rice for only P448. It is a hungry bear's dream come true.

We thought we were going to get just that but we go the rice meals as well. [clockwise] The Chicken Terriyakidon (P175), Butanikudon (P165), Shoyu Ramen (P220) and Sukiyakidon (P250) were all present. By this time, we were all already full so we just had a few samples of each. I felt like we were going to become roasted pigs tomorrow with all these food.

Big Jap's Team Sumo (P758) is another set meal for the hungry hounds. They will give you a lot of dishes to choose from so you can arrive at the right combination for your meal. They say it is good for 4 but probably two people with my appetite. You can choose Tonkatsu, Terriyaki or Teppanyaki for Pork and Katsu, Teriyaki and Teppanyaki for Chicken. For seafoods, you can either have Kani Tempura or Katsu, Sakana Fursi or Tempura and Squid Teppanyaki. As if that is not enough, it also comes with Yakisoba, Nikuyasai Itame, Gohan and Red Iced Tea. This one is fit for a King indeed.

The design of the restaurant involves lots of sumo wrestler drawings so that made me feel right at home since I am surrounded by fellow fat people. Kidding aside, they have nice service as well. The chef studied culinary in Japan so you know he will deliver nothing but quality Japanese food straight to your plate.

But wait, there's more! For dessert, we had the [clockwise] Banana Surprise (P125), Buco Supreme (P65) and Coffee Jelly with Ice Cream (P65). My favorite was the Buco Supreme but that does not mean I did not like the other desserts. I give all of them a thumbs up.

Big Jap
24H Hotel, P. Ocampo Street
La Paz, Makati City

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Unknown ayon kay ...

unlimited tempura and katsu sounds like heaven.

Unknown ayon kay ...

The desserts look pretty tasty to me. Oh wow oh wow.

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