One Bready Morning at Les Bagels

Coming from the streets of New York, Les Bagels offers fresh flavored bread combined with equally flavored cream cheese. It was just a normal morning when me and the rest of the team decided to head there for breakfast as we met up with owners Pri, Mikko and Pat who happens to be the brother in law of Team Aldous' Eager Beaver Monse.    

The bagels got cold after laying there for a while for our private photo shoot. It was a good thing there was an option to toast them again and they ended up tasting so heavenly especially dipped in any cream cheese flavor. The list of bagel flavors include Plain, Sesame Seed, Chocolate, Garlic, Whole Wheat, Cinnamon Raisin, Black Sesame Seed and Whole Wheat Everything. My favorite one is by far Sesame Seed.  

Meanwhile, the list of cream cheese flavors include Plain, Bacon Cheddar, Garlic and Chives, Jalapeno, Blueberry, Sundried Tomato Basil and Apple Cinammon. It was definitely hard to choose a favorite among them since they were all impressive. The ones that stood out for me were Bacon Cheddar and Applie Cinammon though. I loved dipping any bagel into those cream cheeses.

My jaw dropped when I saw they have brownies. I said to myself that I really have to try them even though I rarely eat brownies. What was my verdict? Both the Fudge Brownies and Espresso Hazelnut Brownies are so chocolatey which is good news for all the chocolate lovers out there.

I also had samples of their chicken waldorf salad, chicken mango salad and egg salad. I must say these salads would really go well with the bagels. I have to admit I will go often here at Les Bagels when I decide to live a healthy life once and for all. When will that be? Well, even I don't know when.

For dessert, we had the Oatmeal Cream Cookie and the Homemade Oreo. After eating all that bread, it was hard to admit I was full as I still had a lot of space in my tummy for these two yummy treats. I have to say they did not disappoint one bit.

Les Bagels
2/F Podium Mall

UnliTempura and Chops at Big Jap

It does not get any bigger than Big Jap's unlimited tempura and chops promo. This is definitely good news to all the tempura lovers out there like me. On a hungry night, I would probably devour 20 shrimps but Father Time is sadly catching up so yeah that number may be a bit too high. Make it 19! Imagine all of that including the Iced Tea and Scallion Rice for only P448. It is a hungry bear's dream come true.

We thought we were going to get just that but we go the rice meals as well. [clockwise] The Chicken Terriyakidon (P175), Butanikudon (P165), Shoyu Ramen (P220) and Sukiyakidon (P250) were all present. By this time, we were all already full so we just had a few samples of each. I felt like we were going to become roasted pigs tomorrow with all these food.

Big Jap's Team Sumo (P758) is another set meal for the hungry hounds. They will give you a lot of dishes to choose from so you can arrive at the right combination for your meal. They say it is good for 4 but probably two people with my appetite. You can choose Tonkatsu, Terriyaki or Teppanyaki for Pork and Katsu, Teriyaki and Teppanyaki for Chicken. For seafoods, you can either have Kani Tempura or Katsu, Sakana Fursi or Tempura and Squid Teppanyaki. As if that is not enough, it also comes with Yakisoba, Nikuyasai Itame, Gohan and Red Iced Tea. This one is fit for a King indeed.

The design of the restaurant involves lots of sumo wrestler drawings so that made me feel right at home since I am surrounded by fellow fat people. Kidding aside, they have nice service as well. The chef studied culinary in Japan so you know he will deliver nothing but quality Japanese food straight to your plate.

But wait, there's more! For dessert, we had the [clockwise] Banana Surprise (P125), Buco Supreme (P65) and Coffee Jelly with Ice Cream (P65). My favorite was the Buco Supreme but that does not mean I did not like the other desserts. I give all of them a thumbs up.

Big Jap
24H Hotel, P. Ocampo Street
La Paz, Makati City

An Impromptu Staycation at Z Hostel

I have heard so much about Z Hostel, the first luxury hostel in the country that I decided to have a staycation there. If you are bringing a car then it is wise to park near the hostel since there are guys there to assist you with the parking. If you are staying overnight, it would not be a good idea to park at Kalayaan Avenue as your vehicle might get towed.

Every night, the rooftop bar of Z Hostel turns into a party place with DJs playing live music. It would be great to come here and meet new people from all over the world as it is a new hang out place for locals. The beer and cocktails are also cheap and it does not hurt to have a nice view of the city.

Before checking in, I looked around the lobby. There was a calendar of events for the rooftop bar, a map of the Philippines and a guide to the most basic Tagalog expressions for the guests to learn. There was even a pole for those who like to do pole dancing.

I checked in with the receptionist Pau and I also met the front desk manager Carissa. Everyone who works at Z Hostel are so friendly that you will think you are staying at a hotel. I got assigned in an air conditioned 8 bed dorm and the beds were very comfortable to sleep in. The rates are all in their website and you can also book an overnight stay there.

It is cashless transaction at Z Hostel so they will give you an RFID that you can load to spend on the rooftop bar and Z Cafe. I ate at the 24 hour cafe and met some of the guests including an Indonesia who everyone thinks is Filipina and a German who is so chatty. It is certainly a great feeling to meet fellow travelers so they can share their experiences too about their travels.

Z Hostel
Book Now at the Official Website
5660 Don Pedro, Makati

It's All in the Family at Nonna's

If you thought Mama Lou's was good then wait til you get a load of Nonna's. Nonna is actually Italian for Grandma so she is the mother of Lou. Both women are apparently good with their recipes. I can't wait to taste the food of the restaurant of Lou's husband since Nonna's opened to such rave reviews on Zomato that they are currently the top rated store in that area. I couldn't agree more with the users there. Both are family friendly restaurants as well.

Mushroom Chicharon (P160)

 Wild Arugula Salad (P325)

Their fried mushrooms appear separately and with greens and egg in a salad. I have tasted a lot of versions of the mushroom chicharon and I thought it would be better with mayonnaise. However, it is definitely better with greens and sunny side up egg as I found out with the Wild Aragula Salad.

 Salmon Caviar (P350)

 All Meat (P450)

Their pizza is made from scratch so it is not the type that is too oily. If you don't believe me, you can take a look at their master chefs using XO flour to make your pizza. The All Meat is for carnivores like me. It was actually something new despite an old pizza since it wasn't oily.

 Fetuccine Carbonara (P245)

Their take on the classic carbonara dish is a good one and it is for pasta lovers who want to eat light.

 Vesuvio (P495)

The star of the night was without a doubt the Vesuvio. With a name like that, you have to expect something gigantic right? Well, that was exactly what we got as the Vesuvio is a mountain of rigatoni with mozzarella, ricotta, peas, fennel sausage and egg. There was no surprise when I was the one who finished down this volcano when it was down to its last bits.

 Seoul Special (P395)

 Tutti Formagi (P350)

Among the three pizzas served, the Tutti Formagi was without a doubt my favorite. I mean if there's one thing better than 4 types of cheese in one pizza, it is five. I think the pizza count was Aldous - 5 , Rest of Bloggers - 3. I suddenly felt guilty after that but the other two pizzas were good too so that lessened guilt.

 Creme Brulee (P165)

Pizzaoki (P225)

The Pizzaoki is a creation we should all be thankful for. It is s'mores, vanilla ice cream and mallows. It may be a bit sinful so it was a good thing it was my cheat day but then again, everyday is my cheat day. Their version of the Creme Brulee is highly recommended as well. 

Don't delay, see what all the fuzz is about Nonna's. There will be a line outside but when you taste the food, you will find out the hype is real.

Nonna's Pasta & Pizzeria
Solenad 3, Nuvali