Eats so Good Debuts at The Spectrum Fair

At Team Aldous, (despite the name of the blogger group) we are all about supporting each other. When Team Aldous' Eager Beaver, Monse decided to have a booth at the Spectrum Fair, me and a bunch of bloggers from my squad came to support her. Her booth was a huge success as her food was sold out on both dates of the event held at White Space.

 Alfred Oh! Nara (P150)

Classic Caesar Salad (P150)

I arrived late on Valentine's Eve and was lucky enough to have the last salad and pasta dish. My date and I absolutely loved both dishes and we both agreed it was only a matter of time before they will succeed if ever they decide to put up a restaurant. My date commented that they did not take it easy on their ingredients, they definitely went all out in terms of quality and that helped a lot in the quality of the food.

Follow @eatssogoodph on Instagram for their next appearance.

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