Woody's Meats Up Makati Avenue

Howdy! Dem row of restaurants at Makati Avenue will never be the same as Woody's arrival simply meats up the street if you know what I mean as they are the only Texas Barbeque joint in town. If that does not excite you then I don't know what will. In fact, the Texas BBQ fever has caught the town by storm. There was even one Sunday when they literally ran out of meat because of the overwhelming amount of customers coming in. You can say the hype is real but there was no hype to begin with. It was just a smart move of power couple Ines and Elian to turn their original Chihuahua restaurant (now at 4 branches) into Woody's.

 Rum & Coke Slush, Long Island Iced Team, Chihuahuarita

Who's Woody? He is your average Texan. A meat chomping muscular ladies man. He is the type of guy you would see hanging out in the bars and drinking a lot of liquor like it was nothing.

Look forward to 2-fer Tuesdays where you get 2 free side dishes with every order of meat. There's also the Weekend Brunch where from 11AM to 3PM they serve coffee, pancakes and eggs to go along with your favorite meats. Now that's an awesome combination!

No restaurant in the country has perfected the art of Texas BBQ like Woody's. You have ribs that is smoked for six hours and it ends up being so good that its tenderness melts in your mouth. You also got brisket that has become so popular in Austin, Texas that you have people lining up for 6 hours for it at a place called Franklin's BBQ. Finally, you have Pulled Pork which got its name because the pork is ripped off the bone by hand.

 Clutch City Sandwich

The Clutch City Sandwich will make you lose your appetite just by staring at this beauty. It is named after the Houston Rockets who won back to back titles in 1994 and 1995. This one is stacked with brisket and links, coleslaw, pickles and their special BBQ sauce.

If those mouth-watering pics of the food wasn't good enough reason to pay this restaurant a visit, then check out the neat looking interiors:

Woody's Texas BBQ & Grill
7838 Makati Ave.

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This restaurant offers food that looks quite promising. I think my boyfriend will love this place. What about the price range of selections?

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