Experience the New Commune at Polaris Street, Makati

For those unaware, Commune has transferred to a new location right in the middle of Makati's red light district after the building where they used to be got demolished with a wrrrecckinngg balllll. It's all good though. Everyone's favorite hangout place at Makati is back and better than ever. Aside from the coffee they are known for, they also serve superb food which are mostly breakfast meals.

They have a blackboard where all customers have the freedom to write anything they want as long as it isn't offensive. I figured that Commune is short for community where coffee lovers can hang out and converse with each other.

 Cappuccino (P120)

The floating animal (I really don't know what it is) on the cappuccino is a good reason enough to order it. I ordered it before eating all that food and it was so good that I wanted one after dinner too.

Nachos (P120)

Their Nachos is the perfect "pulutan" to pair up with their alcoholic drinks. It was great for me and my squad to meet all Ros and her partners Inigo and Mickey who is the chef. Mickey was even trained in Europe so you know he had mad skills in the kitchen.

Croque Monsieur (P195)

 Croque Madame (P225)

The only difference between Croque Madame and Croque Monsieur is the sunny side up egg on top of the Croque Madame. Aside from that, it is basically baked ham and cheese sandwich along with potato chips and I loved every bit of it. I definitely liked the one with the egg and I won't hesitate to order it on my next visit.

 Beef Tapa, Fried Egg (P285)

 Pork Adobo, Salted Egg Relish (P220)
 Arroz a la Cubana (P325)

Pollo Al Ajillo (P245)

Out of all their Over Rice dishes, not a single one disappointed. It was extremely difficult to pick a favorite among them. I highly recommend all four of them as those are really good dishes coming from a coffee shop.

 Fresh Lemonade (P185)

Cookie Shot w/ Carmen's Best (P165)

Almost all of us had the Cookie Shot with Carmen's Best ice cream and I chose Vanilla. What a heavenly treat that was. It was definitely the perfect way to end a tummy filling night.

Commune Cafe
36 Polaris corner Durban Streets, Poblacion, Makati

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