Affordable Jap Street Food at Kantori Yakitori

For the first time ever, I had a glimpse of what the fuzz was about Aguirre Avenue. I heard it is the South version of Maginhawa. Being a Northie (is that even a word?), I have never been to this street up until now so it is a good thing we got to try one of the street's bright spots in Kantori Yakitori. We met one of the owners, Kelly Parreno who was the one who conceptualized the food and drinks as she has been in the food & beverage industry for over 10 years.

Pineapple House Infused Sake 240 mL(P308)

Their house infused sake can be served warm or cold. I loved the presentation of their glasses here too as it is literally surrounded by ice. It is what I'd like to do to my head after a long argument. The best part is the pineapple here is not the type that has 30g of sugar in it.

Okonomiyaki (P148)

The pie shaped Okonomiyaki has bacon, cabbage, kewpie and bonito flakes. When you combine the fact that it tastes really good plus we were all hungry, it did not take long for us to finish this one.

Sushi Fire Ball (P59/stick)

Due to my low tolerance in spices, I could hardly finish one Sushi Fire Ball. I loved their originality with this dish though. It is like a sushi tempura as one ball contains kimchi rice, kewpie and creamy cheese. People with high tolerance on spices will have no problem swallowing one ball in full though.

Mango Mojito (P108)

The Mango Mojito combined pale pilsen, mango rum and mint. At first, it tasted funny considering I have never drank beer cocktails before but it is actually a delightful mix to say the least since I am a heavy pale pilsen drinker.

BFF (P98)

BFF actually stands for Best Furikake Fries as it contains crispy savory fries, wasabi tartar, nori strips and furikake. I have to admit I have never seen fries have toppings like that on it and I was more than pleased with it. My compliments to the chef!

Beergarita (P188)

Wow, the presentation of the Beergarita is simply off the charts. It contains asahi, tequila and lime syrup. It is hard to not get drunk with this one and it can even be drank with numerous straws so it is perfect for big groups to dig in.

Shiro (P48/stick)

The classic Isaw is accompanied by soy sauce with egg yolk. I never liked Isaw but for some reason I loved Kantori Yakitori's version. Maybe it is the change of name?

Saikomoro Beef Japan (P148/stick), Nasu (P38/stick), Uzura (P48/stick)

Wow, what a main event. We got 3 of their top Yakitoris in one huge wooden plate. First, we got the Uzura which is quail eggs and chicken skin. What a great combination that was. The Saikoro Beef Japan is pure tender beef from the land of the rising sun and it is better to pair it up with rice. Last but not the least, the Nasu is eggplant along with karaage, tobiko kewpie and bonito flakes. I love eggplant and the other toppings added to it were like the finishing touches to a great dish. I will definitely come back and order all 3 when I am in the area.

Kantori Yakitori
51 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, Quezon City

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Unknown ayon kay ...

What a nice treat way down in the South side.

Unknown ayon kay ...

Awesome cocktails they have here. Too bad I don't live in the south.

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