Tapella - More than just Tapas

When I met Chef Rob Spakowski at the Best Desserts event, I knew it would result into something epic and it did. Me and the rest of the squad were able to sample their best sellers and we all came away more than satisfied. I really have to say that their service is great especially the server who kept his eye on us. The server's name is Choco so I can't help but sing "I'm In Love with a Coco.."

Ensalada Tapella (P200)

Ensalada Mediterranea (P295)

As most of you may know, I am not really a salad person so I barely had any of the salad. I saw the other bloggers enjoyed it a lot though so for the health buffs out there, I'm sure you will as well.

Gazpacho de Mango (P175)

I am not one of those people who appreciates cold soup. I like it when its hot unless you are going to serve it for dessert. This one came while we were just starting so it felt a bit weird but it was good nonetheless.

Chorizo Picante (P295)

Muslos De Pollo Frito (P250)

My only complaint about the chicken lollipop was that there were only 6 of them. There should be a lot more to satisfy this foodie's cravings.

Huevos Con Morcilla Sisig (P275)

I loved their twist to the classic Sisig dish as instead of having rice as the carbs, they had fries underneath and its a really better version. In fact, it was my favorite out of all the food that was served tonight.

Pote Gallego (P175)

I liked this soup a lot despite the fact that there were a lot of ingredients under that pond. I am not a fan of that since the soup might get you full already before the main course arrives. However, it was good so I ended up going back to it after sampling the main courses.

Morcilla De Cebolla (P450)

Chopitos Fritos (P250)

Arroz Sobrasada (P375)

Arroz Manchego (P675)

Paella De Marisco (P700)

All the Paellas deserve a round of applause. If I were to recommend one of them, it would definitely be the seafood one. I just wish it had more shrimp in it.

Prime Rib Grilled Villagodio Style (P300/100g)

The main highlight was without the doubt the Roast Beef which was cooked right in front of you. You are see that it is going to be turned from raw into tender right before your eyes and you are even going to decide when you are going to eat it while it is getting cooked. You can wait a while longer before its really cooked or eat it right away while it is still medium rare. I chose to not wait that long because it looked really good and it tasted excellent though. What a delightful treat!

Lapu Lapu A La Sal (P210/100g)

One of their best sellers is the baked lapu lapu. I am not really a fish fan but it is certainly something I will order when I go back here. Yes, you heard that right. Despite the fact that today's traffic is making Makati look like long distance travel, I will certainly be back here and try out the rest of the items in their promising menu.


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