Modern Filipino Food with a Twist at Mesa Grill

I got giddy when me and the squad had the opportunity of sampling the food of one of today's most popular Filipino restaurants, Mesa Modern Filipino Grill. I have heard a lot of good things about their food and I was really excited heading into this one.

Tofu Salad

It is shrimp on top of century egg and tofu and each order has 8 pieces. What's not to like about that? To top it all off, they are put on top off soy sauce as well.

1/2 Crispchon

The Crispchon is something you have to try when you go here. It may be a bit pricey but that's because it is lechon. It is also cooked in two ways either in pandan leaves or sauteed in garlic and chili. I prefer the first option as it is mixed with wansuy, cucumber and leeks inside the pandan crepe along with 6 sauces to choose from. Oh my!

Tinapa Roll

The Tinapa Roll is accompanied by Sauce numbah 5 which means there is a little bit of vinegar by the side, a little bit of lettuce against the lights, a little bit of salted egg all night long and a little bit of fish makes me your man. Seriously, it's called number 5 because they were sampling a lot of sauces and it's the 5th one.

Hito Flakes on Spoon

Garlic Chicken

Eric told us that the Garlic Chicken is actually his grandmother's recipe but nobody ever orders it. I just have one question. Why on earth not? It is so crunchy on the outside and yummy on the inside. It got me hooked on the first bite.

Sigarilyas sa Gata

For me, anything in Gata is simply heaven and then I found out Mesa has Sigarilyas sa Gata. If there is a place that is upwards of heaven then that was where I got to when I got to sample it.

Swahe on the Rocks

I was really amazed at how this dish was cooked. The raw shrimps were put on top of Lava rocks inside a pot. It is closed for a few seconds then when it is opened, it is ready to be eaten just like that. I should repeat this as a magic trick to show to my future kids if I ever have one.

Baby Squid in Olive Oil

I love squid and Mesa putting it in olive oil is just a stroke of genius. I'd suggest this to be a pulutan for one of those nights that will end up ending late.

Duck Basil Fried Rice

I really appreciate the fact that all the food they have include a twist in them. I mean, I have never tried fried rice with duck basil in it so this is a first and it won't be the last. I'm definitely coming back and ordering this again.

Chicken Binakol Soup

I thought the Chicken Binakol was a spin off of Chicken Tinola and I was right. However, it tastes a lot better than Chicken Tinola plus the presentation is so nice it makes it so unforgettable.

Overall, I rarely anticipate my next visit to a restaurant but this is one of those exceptions already. In fact, I am ecstatic for my next gastronomic adventure to Mesa Grill. What an exceptional meal we had.

Mesa Filipino Moderne
 3F Eastwood Mall

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Mesa is a great restaurant to treat Filipino balikbayans. That Baby Squid in Olive Oil looks too good to be eaten with plain rice!

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