Bootleg Bistro lands at City Golf Plaza

It is certainly a great feeling to walk in to City Golf Plaza';s newest restaurant Bootleg Bistro while the menu is still getting printed. We knew we are getting first dibs on their food and I was really excited to try them out. We were welcomed by entrepreneur Jay Server into his new restaurant. The place sure has a relaxing atmosphere for a drinking place.

Gambas Al Ajillo (P350)

Definitely our favorite of the night since we ended up ordering another of it. We all love shrimps and the Gambas was cooked nicely.

 Vegetable Spring Rolls (P150)

For those who are trying to eat healthy, I highly recommend this dish. It is crunchy on the outside and the salsa that came with it really fit it perfectly.

Button Mushrooms (P200)

I love mushrooms and theirs is sauteed in garlic, olive oil and oyster sauce. Its the perfect match with their alcoholic drinks.

Beef Salpicao Bowl (P380)

Before getting to the Salpicao, I must say their bread is perfectly toasted and already has butter. It is not one of those breads that are cold because they expect you to ignore it and get right to the meat. The Salpicao was a little too oily but other than that, I'd say it is a must try.

Vulture Wings (P350)

At first, I thought the Vulture Wings was super spicy but I was wrong. It is not that spicy so add more hot sauce if you like your food very spicy. I have to admit the wings were fried to perfection which is a must in chicken wings nowadays with the abundance of wings themed restaurants.

Chicken Fusili (P380)

I haven't tasted Fusili pasta in a long time so I went right ahead and welcomed it with open arms in my satisfied tummy. It only made matters better when it's in cream-based Blue Cheese and garlic chicken.

Osso Buco (P550)

The specialty of the house is without a doubt the Osso Buco which is their specialty tomato sauce on top of their savory beef shanks with Saffron Rice underneath. What a treat!

When you think of the word "Bootleg", the first thing you'd think of is a pirated copy so watch out for any bootleg......of this blog post. =p

Bootleg Bistro
2/F City Golf Plaza, J. Vargas Avenue

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