7 Must Tries at Urban Eats

One of the reasons why there are so many food parks nowadays is because it is a less pain in the wallet for both the hungry hounds and the food stall owners. Enter the newest one at Congressional Avenue Extension: Urban Eats. We tried almost everything here and it is time to give my take on the 7 dishes you should not miss here.

We arrived on a Saturday night and it is Acoustic nights which happens every Saturday. It is additional entertainment to those who chose to have their dinner or midnight snack here since they are open until 12 midnight.

It was a good thing we got some Japanese food in the form of Nihon Riyori's Bacon Wrapped Tuna Yakitori. I have to admit I have never tasted anything like it and its good especially in soy sauce.

My favorite dish of the night has got to be the Shrimplet Gladiators by the Hungry Knights. I even got to talk to one of the owners and it turns out he is an FEU basketball player. I congratulated his school on winning the UA&P Men's Basketball championship (baka manlibre?). It is easy to see that it is basically baked shrimp drooling with cheese mixed with corn and carrots and it is such a wonderful combination that is going to tickle your taste buds in ways you'd never imagine.


The last time I ate at Farina's Ilocos Empanada, they didn't have pizza yet so I am glad they have one now in the form of Longganisa Pizza with lots of cheese, onions and of course longganisa bits. This is one of those dishes that you better eat while it is hot because it won't be as good anymore when it gets cold.

I love burritos like a hombre and the Chicken Burrito of Taqueria Manuela Y Margarita simply ruled. Speaking of Margherita, you should try their Margherita too as I ended up drinking it fast like water because it was that good.

One of the food stalls I really wanted to try here was Crazy Waffles and they did not let me down one bit. I got to try Happy Gilmore which is BLT (bacon,lettuce,tomato) in a wafflewich. I don't know why it was named after that old movie though and I preferred to not know why because it is the taste that matters. Yummy!

I was already sweating like it was the middle of the summer even though its December. It is a good thing I had Mocha Frappe from Cafe Fratello. It has that extraordinary taste that will keep you coming back for more.

Last and certainly not the least, it is Babita's version of S'mores. I actually learned how to eat s'mores here and that is to use the crackers as spoons and put in as much marshmallow and chocolates in it as you can. What a sinful but delicious treat!

They even have a place where you can padlock your everlasting commitment with your sweetheart. After that, you can throw your key in the water. Just be sure to not throw it in your partner's food because you would end up having to put another padlock there after several months.

Urban Eats
71 Congressional Ave Ext.

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