2015 - The Year The Squad Grew Bigger and Better

I would have never thought that my small blogger group would grow to what it is now. From the Freelance Four to an enormous Team Aldous. 2015 was definitely the year that changed this group forever. Despite the name, our group is not about just one person. It is all about helping each other out in the blogging world.

2015 would have been a dud without these bloggers (turned friends) joining the team:


Lights! Camera! Action! The moment you see Team Aldous' Fair-weathered Filmmaker, you'll realize she is all business. Underneath that serious look though is a very fun loving person.

Did You Know? Sarie used to write for Playboy. Wow, where do I apply?


I'm not ashamed of admitting one of the few blogs I read every now and then is the blog of Team Aldous' Architect of Awesomeness. She can draw your interest into her posts from start up until the very end without the need of a catchy title. Now, THAT is a good writer.

Did You Know? Dani is the community manager of one of the most active NGOs dedicated to helping the poor.


Missy is such a sweet girl that it is hard not to fall in love with her whether you're a guy or a girl. She is one of those girls who would love to live life to the fullest and I definitely support any decision she makes.

Did You Know? Don't get into an argument with Missy. She is a lawyer by profession.


The first time you look into the eyes of Team Aldous' Brave Bookworm, you are going to be so intimidated. Don't let her strong personality fool you though, she is easy to get along with. A clear combination of beauty and brains indeed.

Did You Know? Shelley is such a bookworm that she has a 2015 reading challenge and has read 190 out of 200 books and the year ain't even over yet.

Mariel & Chin

Always mistaken for Koreans, the Dee sisters are twinning it all the time with their excellent taste in glamour and style.You'll never think they are actually food bloggers because of how they stay in excellent shape.
Did You Know? Contrary to popular belief, Chin is actually the Ate. I initially thought it was Mariel so sorrryy, Mariel!


You are not alone if you mistake Manfred as a macho bouncer working late in the club. Seriously, you'd think Team Aldous' Gifted Genius is quiet at first but when you talk to him he will tell you what he thinks about today's leaders including who he thinks will become the next president in next year's elections and nope it's not Manong Mangtataho.

Did You Know? Manfred is a law student which means we have a lawyer (Missy), a law student (Manfred) and an incoming law student (Cohen). Talk about 3 generations of justice.


Team Aldous' Testy Tita is considered as the elderly of the group. She is the one approached by the young blood whenever they are seeking advice for career or love life. On a serious note, Jen never runs out of things to say at events which is always a good thing.

Did You Know? Jen likes to DIY almost everything including sewing her own clothes(!!!).


Cess is a model, host, nurse, make-up artist, entrepreneur and an EMT all at the age of 22. Being an EMT must be hard as you can imagine all the boys playing dead in order to have Cess perform CPR on them.

Did You Know? Phantasm Darkstar is Cess' Goth name


Tin's blog used to be known as xtinadaily.blogspot.com which proves how active she is. It is like getting a new blog post served daily........like coffee. You are missing half of your life if you have yet to meet Team Aldous' Ambitious Adventurer. The stories she will share with you are going to be unforgettable ones.

Did You Know? Tin's blog started out as an anonymous blog as in no pictures and names.


Team Aldous' Dashing Dancer is unlike any diva you have met in your life. She has that alluring smile, friendly attitude and who could not notice those abs? By the way, remember that story of the girl whose dance moves got everyone staring at her in the club? That was all Jenny.

Did You Know? Apart from being a professional dancer, Jenny is also a licensed teacher.


Mae to Team Aldous is like Adam Levine is to Maroon 5 and LeBron James is to the Cavaliers. She is the headliner, showstopper and star rolled into one. Not only that, Team Aldous' Witty Workhorse is one of the most humble human beings I have ever known.

Did You Know? It took Mae a year before she finally posted a picture of her beautiful face in one of her blog posts.


If you know you are going to be stuck in Edsa for 4 hours, better bring Team Aldous' Wholesome Wanderer and you won't notice how fast time flies. Seriously, there is never a dull moment when Karla is around. When Karla brings her trademark backpack, you will never guess where her next adventure is.

Did You Know? Fall in love with Karla's business card as it has one of her well-taken Instagram pictures on it (no kidding!).


I'm no fortune teller but I am certain Team Aldous' Kikay Kolonel has a very bright future ahead of her. She's got the looks, numerous talents and the will to succeed.

Did You Know? A few of Cohen's numerous talents are playing the guitar and singing. Hear her cover some of today's hottest songs like Justin Bieber's "Sorry" and Ariadna Grande's "Problem" at soundcloud.com/coco-sy 


Rubie can get along with just about anyone from the restaurant owner down to the manong sorbetes. In fact, she is one of those people who is always in a good mood which is always a good thing. Oh yeah, don't forget about her cute wacky poses too. Those shouldn't be missed.

Did You Know? Rubie's blog has an Advice section. Now we know where broken hearts go.


Jackie is a woman of a few words but that does not mean she does not have anything to bring to the table. In fact, there were many instances when we won't start if she hasn't arrived. It just ain't complete without her.

Did You Know? Jackie bleaches and dyes her hair herself.


Team Aldous' Kulet Kaptain is never at a loss for words. The mood turns from dull to jolly the moment she arrives. Louise is definitely a rare talent and someone who is one in a million. In fact, it will be a long time before you find someone like her.

Did You Know? Louise doesn't know how to ride a bike and it is her top priority on her bucket list to learn it.


When Obie joins an event, you can expect it to be something special. Team Aldous' Kembot Queen always steals the show even if she doesn't mean to. There will be a lot of bloggers who will join the team in the coming years but one thing is for sure, there will NEVER be another Obie Mercado. That's how one of a kind she is. GANERN!!!

Did You Know? Obie is also a professional make-up artist. Follow her make-up IG @makeup_by_obie

Who says we can't be bigger and stronger again next year???

BRING ON 2016!!!!

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sandundermyfeet ayon kay ...

AYOS! :-)

Unknown ayon kay ...

"Bring on 2016!" πŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ‘ŠπŸΌ

Dani ayon kay ...

Huy Aldous! Hindi ako head ng NGO. Hahaha nakakaloka ka. Community Manager lang ako. Anyway, thank you so much for the mention and for the opportunities to be exposed to more good food. Medyo wala lang ako sa hulog over the last few months so I kinda needed to take a bread from some assignments.

Cheers to 2015 and here's to hoping for an even better 2016!

Phantasm Darkstar ayon kay ...

Yiiih :D Thank you!!

Phantasm Darkstar ayon kay ...

Yiiih :D Thank you!!

Unknown ayon kay ...

Congratulations Team Aldous! :)

Tin Gallemaso ayon kay ...

Thank you ulit, Aldous! Ready na for 2016! :D

Roch ayon kay ...

Great new bloggers to meet and greet! It's interesting how you get to know each one of them.

Unknown ayon kay ...

Congrats Aldous!

Coco Lopez ayon kay ...

bet ko to haahahah ngayon ko lang nabasa lahat :)

Unknown ayon kay ...

All hail the sexiest blogger group in the world.

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