Unlimited Ribs at Red Charcoal Grill

When someone tells you about a Marikina restaurant, your first reaction would be "P*tang Ina! Ang layo!". Well well well, I am here to tell you that Red Charcoal is worth visiting not only for the unlimited ribs and the other food but also for the fun. We had such a great time here that we didn't notice it was already 12 midnight. You can't blame us with the live band serenading us and the awesome service.

Red Charcoal Salad (P190)

Crispy Tenga (P145)

Balot Ala Pobre 3 pcs (P165)

Special shout out to Team Aldous' fair-weathered filmmaker Sarie for this referral as the owner Raymond Cruz happens to be her uncle. Small world eh? 

I was careful not to eat much during the round of appetizers but I have to make special mention to the Balot Ala Pobre. It is the exotic food you always recommend to foreigners but afraid to try it out yourself. I loved their version. The Crispy Tenga is a crunchy snack that's perfectly paired with beer.

Baby Back Ribs 1 Whole Slab (P295)

Crispy Wings with Gravy (P225)

For the only restaurant that has unlimited ribs, they sure know how to please a rib lover. The meat was tender and the barbeque sauce was lovely. The wings were above average and just the way I like it which is crunchy on the outside and tasty on the inside.

Pinalamanan Squid (P360)

I have never loved squid this much. The Pinalamanan Squid was by far my favorite dish of the night. It is stuffed with cheese, tomatoes and onion. Its taste left me completely speechless. I could not talk anyway when my mouth is full.

Tahong Sisig (P195)

We also had a healthier version of Pork Sisig. It is another dish that's best served with beer especially for those who are trying to watching their weight. However, sometimes trying is not enough.

House Pasta (Beef & Bacon) P210

Tuyo Pasta (P160)

I am not much of a pasta lover but I really liked both pasta dishes that were served to us especially the House Pasta. The beef and bacon made for a strange combination but it impressed me nonetheless.

Red Charcoal Grill
G. Fernando Ave, Marikina City

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