The Geek Guide to Team Aldous Trivia Time V - Wingman UPTC

Quiz Nights are always fun and a LOT better over good food. That was exactly the case when Team Aldous Trivia Time V at Wingman UP Town Center (5th one after Wingman, Grilla twice and Uncle Cheffy) happened a few days ago. Just like Shakira's hips, the numbers in these quiz nights? Well, THEY DON'T LIE...

4 - The number of teams who competed in this quiz night which is the least in all the quiz nights.
25% - The chances each blogger has of winning.
30 - The number of chicken wings served per table. Talk about food for the brain! 

 Team Jetsetters

0! - Team Jetsetters - Captain Nicole (@nicooolesantos), Jeanne (@jeannegerbread), Joy(@joyfullyurs), Louise(@sheslouisse), Bianca(@abiancasantos) and Bea (@beatricesantos) did not have any previous quiz night experience prior to this and they did not perform bad either. The game was pretty tight after two rounds.

 Team Kool Kids

4 - Carol (@carolranas) joins Bettina, J9 and Kaye (@kayelavin) as quiz night 2nd timers.
(0-5)It is not something I want to brag about but I just lost my 5th quiz night. Lets hope my teammates on the 6th quiz night won't read this.

 Team Blue Blooded

(2-0) - After a victory by Team Blue Blooded, J9 (@thelifeenthusiast) becomes the first blogger to be undefeated in these quiz nights.  #bigyanngjacket
6 - Bettina (@bettinabacani) becomes the sixth blogger who wins a quiz night after losing the last. The others are all 4 members of Team Sexy Eyes (Grilla 1) and Jayce (Uncle Cheffy).
14 - Captain Karla (@karlaroundtheworld), Mariel (@theofficialdee) and Chin (@chininin) joins 11 other bloggers who won their first quiz night

 Team Pabebe

3 - Jayce (@crankywhenhungry) is now the blogger (other than me) with the most quiz nights experience. 

4 - All 4 captains (Obie (@obiemercado), Karla, Nicole and Alisa @alisabaleva) participated in their first quiz night.

28.5 - The number of points Team Blue Blooded scored to win the game. Don't let the final scores fool you. Erik told all the bloggers that they were really good and the game went down to the final questions. It was that exciting!

22 - The number of bloggers who took part in this quiz night which made it the BIGGEST ever.

68% -  of the 22 bloggers (15/22) are quiz night first timers.

5 - Play quiz nights at Wingman UP Town Center every 5th day(Thursday) of the week

All photos by Matt Lee

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