Indulging the Giant Burgers of Burzillian Nation

Move over, Aldub Nation! There's a new type of nation that is about to sweep the globe and that's the Burzillian Nation. As you can see, it is an open air restaurant which means it is going to be tremendously hot but when I heard that the sizes of the burgers here are as big as my.......heart, I really got curious. It is a good thing the owners are the high school chums of Team Aldous' Acapella Attorney, Missy.

 Chicken White Sauce (P120)

 Nachozarous (P300)

These nachos are a treat for its size. It is really big and would make a wonderful barkada type meal. I just can't imagine a single person taking on this one.

 BN - Pizzilla (P600)

Whoa! I never thought I'd see pizza turned into a burger apart from calzones. They sure put a lot of the usual pizza ingredients into this thing and substituted burger bread for pizza bread. I am just not a fan of this and would rather see a pizza.

BN -  Burzilla (P450)

Can you believe the size of this burger? I am surprised it hasn't won a guinness world record yet. I mean, I actually lost my appetite when I looked at it. It has all the burger toppings you have grown to love like lettuce, tomatoes, onions and oozing cheese. Yes, that's actually a knife on top that holds an egg and the entire thing together. What a giant treat!

 Shrimp Basil (P120)

 Pan-Seared Bulalo (P139)

I loved how the meat was so tender in the Pan-Seared Bulalo. For a place known for its burgers, it is not wise to ignore the rice meals because they are good too.

 Bonfire Chicken (P139)

I loved the chicken strips here. It is one of those dishes that make me want to lace up the apron in order to learn how to make it.

 Saucy Short Ribs (P139)

 Burzillian Wings (P249)

I highly recommend the wings and I observed they really like putting their Piknik like fries in there. The barbeque sauce on the wings is homemade too and it is going to make you want even more.

Hell Hound (P170)

The Hell Hound came at a time when all of our tummies were already full. This dish will surely satisfy those who love spicy food.

Burzilian Nation
Laguna Golf Driving Range, Sta Rosa, Laguna

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