A New Place to Focus on School at The Study

Thanks to Team Aldous' Wholesome Wanderer Karla, I got to experience a place named after something that I never did when I was in school - The Study. From the name itself, it is a place that caters to students who want to review or simply hang out. They have an area for those who want to have a big meal and also dorm areas where it is a little hot but the stories you share with your friends tend to get long there.

The Study's Signature Sliders

Shroom Pizza

For a study place, the food here is really good and it did not hurt that the chef mixed in aragula in the Study's Signature Sliders (shitake/cheddar/aragula on yummy beef) and Shroom Pizza(truffle cream/mornay/mushrooms). It only made it even better. I highly recommend both dishes as I could not even remember if it was me who ordered it or my companions as I munched it down until there was nothing left.

Lechon Kawali on Sinigang Rice

Black Truffle Pasta

I didn't expect to eat a rice meal at 4pm but when I saw the Lechon Kawali with Sinigang Rice, that changed everything. They were able to cook the Lechon the way I liked it which is simply tender and tasty. I said goodbye to another short-lived diet when I got a load of the Black Truffle Pasta. I smelt it and I was as excited to dive in as a scuba diver that just put on his gear.

Grilled Mexican Cheese

Morning Starter

The sandwiches here are good for two unless you are me then it would only be good for one. The other bloggers were calling the Grilled Mexican Cheese the Shawarma sandwich. I can't blame them since it contains chili beef, guacamole and cheddar. My favorite by far is the Morning Starter. I ended up regretting I did not order it. It is one of those dishes that's photogenic and tastes great too. It containes gruyere, smoked ham, mozarella, honey and sunny egg on top.

The Study Idea Space
2/F Regis Center, Katipunan Avenue

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