Indulging the Giant Burgers of Burzillian Nation

Move over, Aldub Nation! There's a new type of nation that is about to sweep the globe and that's the Burzillian Nation. As you can see, it is an open air restaurant which means it is going to be tremendously hot but when I heard that the sizes of the burgers here are as big as my.......heart, I really got curious. It is a good thing the owners are the high school chums of Team Aldous' Acapella Attorney, Missy.

 Chicken White Sauce (P120)

 Nachozarous (P300)

These nachos are a treat for its size. It is really big and would make a wonderful barkada type meal. I just can't imagine a single person taking on this one.

 BN - Pizzilla (P600)

Whoa! I never thought I'd see pizza turned into a burger apart from calzones. They sure put a lot of the usual pizza ingredients into this thing and substituted burger bread for pizza bread. I am just not a fan of this and would rather see a pizza.

BN -  Burzilla (P450)

Can you believe the size of this burger? I am surprised it hasn't won a guinness world record yet. I mean, I actually lost my appetite when I looked at it. It has all the burger toppings you have grown to love like lettuce, tomatoes, onions and oozing cheese. Yes, that's actually a knife on top that holds an egg and the entire thing together. What a giant treat!

 Shrimp Basil (P120)

 Pan-Seared Bulalo (P139)

I loved how the meat was so tender in the Pan-Seared Bulalo. For a place known for its burgers, it is not wise to ignore the rice meals because they are good too.

 Bonfire Chicken (P139)

I loved the chicken strips here. It is one of those dishes that make me want to lace up the apron in order to learn how to make it.

 Saucy Short Ribs (P139)

 Burzillian Wings (P249)

I highly recommend the wings and I observed they really like putting their Piknik like fries in there. The barbeque sauce on the wings is homemade too and it is going to make you want even more.

Hell Hound (P170)

The Hell Hound came at a time when all of our tummies were already full. This dish will surely satisfy those who love spicy food.

Burzilian Nation
Laguna Golf Driving Range, Sta Rosa, Laguna

Shop Hassle Free at + Return to Stella

It's that time of the year again. 'Tis the season to be nice to everyone, happy for the Christmas bonus and well angry at the horrendous traffic. The traffic in this country will only get worse as everyone transforms into gift shopping mode this holiday season. Don't fear though, Gifted is here. Gifted is a website that allows you to shop and send gifts online. You can also customize your gift card to them.

Making a gift card at Gifted is as easy as 1-2-3. It will also just take under 5 minutes to do so. Imagine that! Not only will you save time but also give away more presents to your loved ones. Head over to now and experience the most convenient way of gift giving.

To top it all of, they have a growing list of partners. You can give a yoga class at Bliss Yoga, a buffet at Alba or even books at Fully Booked. There's definitely a lot of gifts to choose from here.

 Fried Mushroom Chips w/ garlic cream cheese dip

We held the launch of at one of their restaurant partners, Stella. I blogged about them before and there was no doubt I missed their food. Nothing beats starting a meal with their Fried Mushroom Chips. I love mushrooms and this dish just made my day.

Crispy Honey Walnut Beef & Aragula Salad (nashi pear, gorgonzola bits, sweet & spicy gojuchang dressing toasted sesame)

Housemade Chorizo and Garlic Spaghetti (roasted tomatoes, garlic silvers)

Black Pepper Crab Cream Pasta (malagos pecorino, fresh lemon)

I loved both pasta dishes but the Black Pepper Crab Cream Pasta is one dish that definitely left a mark. I think I was not able to try it on my first visit. It has that irresistible flavor that makes me want to have another shot at it.

 Garlic Bianca Pizza (roasted & toasted garlic, fresh baby spinach, malagos pecorino)

One of my favorite pizza flavors of all time is Stella's Garlic Bianca Pizza. My reason for putting it on the top of my list? It is just soooooooo good. You have to taste it to believe me.

Norweigan Salmon (arugula, almond pesto, sundried tomato & chili marmalade ricotta cream, toasted almonds)

 Butterflied Bacon & Rosemary Wrapped Chicken (roasted chicken liver & cream gravy)

There was no doubt I loved the flavor of the chicken. It was one of those rare times when I wanted a copy of the recipe but of course that's not going to happen. You just have to enjoy every moment eating it.

Buther's Best Pizza (all meat)

Imagine the looks on the face of your friend or loved one when she gets the opportunity to dine at Stella when you give her a Stella gift certificate this Christmas. It is certainly going to be one of the best gifts she has ever received.

Party this Weekend with DJ Taz Rashid at L!fe Yoga

This weekend, find out exactly why DJ Taz Rashid has performed in so many music festivals. Dance to his irresistible beat as this is going to be one weekend for the ages. If you get lucky, you can bring out your phone to take a selfie with L!fe Yoga's brand ambassadors Karen, Kelly, Rhea and of course...ME!

The Geek Guide to Team Aldous Trivia Time V - Wingman UPTC

Quiz Nights are always fun and a LOT better over good food. That was exactly the case when Team Aldous Trivia Time V at Wingman UP Town Center (5th one after Wingman, Grilla twice and Uncle Cheffy) happened a few days ago. Just like Shakira's hips, the numbers in these quiz nights? Well, THEY DON'T LIE...

4 - The number of teams who competed in this quiz night which is the least in all the quiz nights.
25% - The chances each blogger has of winning.
30 - The number of chicken wings served per table. Talk about food for the brain! 

 Team Jetsetters

0! - Team Jetsetters - Captain Nicole (@nicooolesantos), Jeanne (@jeannegerbread), Joy(@joyfullyurs), Louise(@sheslouisse), Bianca(@abiancasantos) and Bea (@beatricesantos) did not have any previous quiz night experience prior to this and they did not perform bad either. The game was pretty tight after two rounds.

 Team Kool Kids

4 - Carol (@carolranas) joins Bettina, J9 and Kaye (@kayelavin) as quiz night 2nd timers.
(0-5)It is not something I want to brag about but I just lost my 5th quiz night. Lets hope my teammates on the 6th quiz night won't read this.

 Team Blue Blooded

(2-0) - After a victory by Team Blue Blooded, J9 (@thelifeenthusiast) becomes the first blogger to be undefeated in these quiz nights.  #bigyanngjacket
6 - Bettina (@bettinabacani) becomes the sixth blogger who wins a quiz night after losing the last. The others are all 4 members of Team Sexy Eyes (Grilla 1) and Jayce (Uncle Cheffy).
14 - Captain Karla (@karlaroundtheworld), Mariel (@theofficialdee) and Chin (@chininin) joins 11 other bloggers who won their first quiz night

 Team Pabebe

3 - Jayce (@crankywhenhungry) is now the blogger (other than me) with the most quiz nights experience. 

4 - All 4 captains (Obie (@obiemercado), Karla, Nicole and Alisa @alisabaleva) participated in their first quiz night.

28.5 - The number of points Team Blue Blooded scored to win the game. Don't let the final scores fool you. Erik told all the bloggers that they were really good and the game went down to the final questions. It was that exciting!

22 - The number of bloggers who took part in this quiz night which made it the BIGGEST ever.

68% -  of the 22 bloggers (15/22) are quiz night first timers.

5 - Play quiz nights at Wingman UP Town Center every 5th day(Thursday) of the week

All photos by Matt Lee

A New Place to Focus on School at The Study

Thanks to Team Aldous' Wholesome Wanderer Karla, I got to experience a place named after something that I never did when I was in school - The Study. From the name itself, it is a place that caters to students who want to review or simply hang out. They have an area for those who want to have a big meal and also dorm areas where it is a little hot but the stories you share with your friends tend to get long there.

The Study's Signature Sliders

Shroom Pizza

For a study place, the food here is really good and it did not hurt that the chef mixed in aragula in the Study's Signature Sliders (shitake/cheddar/aragula on yummy beef) and Shroom Pizza(truffle cream/mornay/mushrooms). It only made it even better. I highly recommend both dishes as I could not even remember if it was me who ordered it or my companions as I munched it down until there was nothing left.

Lechon Kawali on Sinigang Rice

Black Truffle Pasta

I didn't expect to eat a rice meal at 4pm but when I saw the Lechon Kawali with Sinigang Rice, that changed everything. They were able to cook the Lechon the way I liked it which is simply tender and tasty. I said goodbye to another short-lived diet when I got a load of the Black Truffle Pasta. I smelt it and I was as excited to dive in as a scuba diver that just put on his gear.

Grilled Mexican Cheese

Morning Starter

The sandwiches here are good for two unless you are me then it would only be good for one. The other bloggers were calling the Grilled Mexican Cheese the Shawarma sandwich. I can't blame them since it contains chili beef, guacamole and cheddar. My favorite by far is the Morning Starter. I ended up regretting I did not order it. It is one of those dishes that's photogenic and tastes great too. It containes gruyere, smoked ham, mozarella, honey and sunny egg on top.

The Study Idea Space
2/F Regis Center, Katipunan Avenue

Unlimited Ribs at Red Charcoal Grill

When someone tells you about a Marikina restaurant, your first reaction would be "P*tang Ina! Ang layo!". Well well well, I am here to tell you that Red Charcoal is worth visiting not only for the unlimited ribs and the other food but also for the fun. We had such a great time here that we didn't notice it was already 12 midnight. You can't blame us with the live band serenading us and the awesome service.

Red Charcoal Salad (P190)

Crispy Tenga (P145)

Balot Ala Pobre 3 pcs (P165)

Special shout out to Team Aldous' fair-weathered filmmaker Sarie for this referral as the owner Raymond Cruz happens to be her uncle. Small world eh? 

I was careful not to eat much during the round of appetizers but I have to make special mention to the Balot Ala Pobre. It is the exotic food you always recommend to foreigners but afraid to try it out yourself. I loved their version. The Crispy Tenga is a crunchy snack that's perfectly paired with beer.

Baby Back Ribs 1 Whole Slab (P295)

Crispy Wings with Gravy (P225)

For the only restaurant that has unlimited ribs, they sure know how to please a rib lover. The meat was tender and the barbeque sauce was lovely. The wings were above average and just the way I like it which is crunchy on the outside and tasty on the inside.

Pinalamanan Squid (P360)

I have never loved squid this much. The Pinalamanan Squid was by far my favorite dish of the night. It is stuffed with cheese, tomatoes and onion. Its taste left me completely speechless. I could not talk anyway when my mouth is full.

Tahong Sisig (P195)

We also had a healthier version of Pork Sisig. It is another dish that's best served with beer especially for those who are trying to watching their weight. However, sometimes trying is not enough.

House Pasta (Beef & Bacon) P210

Tuyo Pasta (P160)

I am not much of a pasta lover but I really liked both pasta dishes that were served to us especially the House Pasta. The beef and bacon made for a strange combination but it impressed me nonetheless.

Red Charcoal Grill
G. Fernando Ave, Marikina City