Good Times with the Gang at The Chillout Project

I can't believe the abundance of drinking places near DLSU's sports complex. The last time I was in that area, I was playing basketball and filling up the stat sheet with easter eggs. Fast forward 10 years later, I was introduced to the Chillout Project owned by Grace, the sister of Team Aldous' Flowery Fairy Diane. It is an outdoor place and there are themes for each day. We came on a Friday and it was karaoke night. It was already raining so I didn't need to sing. I guess everyone got lucky.

Southern Buffalo Wings (P199)

What better way to start a night of chit chat and food tripping with Wings, right? I actually thought it was spicy at first because of how red it is but it actually isn't that spicy which is good news to me. It's crunchy on the outside and yummy on the inside as well. What's not to like about this dish?

 Spam Fries (P229)

The Spam Fries gets 10 points for creativity and another 10 points for taste. I love how it looks too. It is like a dish that is a work of art.

 Manong's Tusok Tusok (P129)

Manong's Tusok Tusok is full of street foods you want to buy like kikiam, fish ball, squid ball and kwek kwek. It is even paired up with sweet & sour and chili sauce like what you are used to seeing in the streets. A street food lover's dream come true indeed.

Popeye's Favorite (P269)

This pizza had spinach bits (obviously), chicken and lots of cheese. It's not only Popeye's favorite as it also became ours as well.

Wolf Pack Smoked Ribs (P619)

I kept hearing a lot of rumors that their Ribs is so fine so I came in expecting a lot. Was I impressed? Hell yes! In fact, I speak for the other bloggers too since we all had one slab each and we still wanted more.

Voodoo Party Size Pitcher (P329)

For gangs who like to drink the night away, how about a party size pitcher of Voodoo. This awesome drink contains white rum, vodka, grenadine, orange juice and curacao. It's pretty colorful too.

Bacon Chicharon (P199)

After drinking a lot of that, we needed to be sober again so we had the Bacon Chicharon. I have to admit I was begging for something to think of this recipe and I'm glad the Chillout Project did. I can't wait for their next wave of creative dishes because this one impressed me in more ways than one.
The Chillout Project Kitchen & Bar
2223 Fidel Reyes Street, Malate, Manila

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