Eat Like a Sultan Like Never Before

I'm so glad me and Team Aldous' Juvenile Jokester Jayce got to set this blogger dinner at Sultan Mediterranean (I always forget how to spell this) Grill. Her officemate Phoebe is actually the restaurant's (get ready for it) COO!!!! Child of the Owner! No, I'm not kidding!

I'm actually reviewing another (here it goes again) Mediterranean restaurant. For some reason, spelling that word takes forever. Anyway, who's complaining right? It means fresh lamb and kebab galore again.

Vitamin Boost Salad (P250)

I'm not much of a salad fan. What a surprise, right? However, the health freak in me absolutely loved the Vitamin Boost Salad. All these vegetables made it a a keeper for someone who is on a diet (a word that doesn't exist in my vocabulary).

Falfalel on top of Hummus (P250)

This one is one appetizer that got me giddy for the main course dishes as I think it was cheese inside of those yummy potato balls and it is even on top of what I thought was mashed potato. It can also go along with the kebab platter.

Banana Yoghurt Shake (P100)

I love Yoghurt Shakes and this is the first time I saw a Medi (better to use this shortcut) restaurant provide a variety of flavors for it. I had Banana and it was so good that I "accidentally" drank some of Roch's drink. Well, it was not my fault they were the same color.

Moussaka (P250)

Moussaka is basically Lasagna with a different name. This one had a lot of cheese on top of the eggplant and minced beef and that is always a plus for me.

Braised Lamb Shanks (P550)

My favorite of the night by a nose (Pinocchio's nose that is). The lamb is so tender since it was slow cooked for 3 hours. Imagine that! I mean I could have done a lot of things in 3 hours but the chef cooked this delicious lamb right in front of me and I am glad I got to take home what was left of it!

Kebab Platter (P580)

Choose any 4 kebabs in the menu for this platter and we had chicken, beef, seafood and lamb. What a wonderful combination indeed. It is a meat lover's dream come true. My advice is to use the knife provided.

Lobia Rice (P95)

If you felt like something is missing with the Kebab Platter then look no further than the Lobia Rice. This cup of carbs is stuffed with string beans and chicken. It made me a fan and I'm sure you will be too.

Chicken Kebab (P160)

A semi-healthy alternative to all those rice + meat dishes is the Chicken Kebab. It is chicken plus some onion and cucumber with mayonnaise in a wrap. It even has a flag on top. For those not aware, you must take the flag out before diving in as I learned my lesson the hard way.

Overall, it was great dining at a Medi restaurant located right in the middle of Makati CBD. I can't wait to come back to have more of that lamb.

The Sultan Mediterranean Cuisine
UG9 Valero Plaza Condominium 
124 San Agustin Makati

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