Good Times with the Gang at The Chillout Project

I can't believe the abundance of drinking places near DLSU's sports complex. The last time I was in that area, I was playing basketball and filling up the stat sheet with easter eggs. Fast forward 10 years later, I was introduced to the Chillout Project owned by Grace, the sister of Team Aldous' Flowery Fairy Diane. It is an outdoor place and there are themes for each day. We came on a Friday and it was karaoke night. It was already raining so I didn't need to sing. I guess everyone got lucky.

Southern Buffalo Wings (P199)

What better way to start a night of chit chat and food tripping with Wings, right? I actually thought it was spicy at first because of how red it is but it actually isn't that spicy which is good news to me. It's crunchy on the outside and yummy on the inside as well. What's not to like about this dish?

 Spam Fries (P229)

The Spam Fries gets 10 points for creativity and another 10 points for taste. I love how it looks too. It is like a dish that is a work of art.

 Manong's Tusok Tusok (P129)

Manong's Tusok Tusok is full of street foods you want to buy like kikiam, fish ball, squid ball and kwek kwek. It is even paired up with sweet & sour and chili sauce like what you are used to seeing in the streets. A street food lover's dream come true indeed.

Popeye's Favorite (P269)

This pizza had spinach bits (obviously), chicken and lots of cheese. It's not only Popeye's favorite as it also became ours as well.

Wolf Pack Smoked Ribs (P619)

I kept hearing a lot of rumors that their Ribs is so fine so I came in expecting a lot. Was I impressed? Hell yes! In fact, I speak for the other bloggers too since we all had one slab each and we still wanted more.

Voodoo Party Size Pitcher (P329)

For gangs who like to drink the night away, how about a party size pitcher of Voodoo. This awesome drink contains white rum, vodka, grenadine, orange juice and curacao. It's pretty colorful too.

Bacon Chicharon (P199)

After drinking a lot of that, we needed to be sober again so we had the Bacon Chicharon. I have to admit I was begging for something to think of this recipe and I'm glad the Chillout Project did. I can't wait for their next wave of creative dishes because this one impressed me in more ways than one.
The Chillout Project Kitchen & Bar
2223 Fidel Reyes Street, Malate, Manila

Mercato Centrale Moves to a New Location

Mercato Centrale has finally moved to a better location in front of the Spaceman himself. It is now located at 7th avenue corner 25th street which is just across the Forum and Fort Strip. Now, party goers at those two venues can eat good food after drinking one too many beers.

 East Meats West

I got my first crack at East Meats West's Bagnet Meats Burger and I was impressed. It is one burger that had burger patty and bagnet too. How awesome is that? I don't think I will meet a person who won't like this one.

 Lava Ice Cream

I have always wanted to try liquid nitrogen ice cream and I finally got the chance to at Lava Ice Cream. I had the sea salt caramel flavor and I can really taste the salt. I keep on switching places to buy delicious ice cream and I think I found a new one.

 Hunger Buster and Bakmi Nyonya

 Two of the big contenders in the 2014 Next Big Food Entrepreneur Contest are also here: Hunger Buster and Bakmi Nyonya. The hardest part of going around Mercato Centrale is choosing where to eat because there is gold wherever you turn.

 Chef Bab's Sisig

The Oinkery

For more exclusive photos of the relaunch of Mercato Centrale, check out my Facebook page. Thanks to Monica Ramos for the photos.

Drink and be Merry at Oktoberfest this Weekend

Beer Flat Bread

 I was lucky enough to be one of the media people invited to the media launch of the Real Oktoberfest Experience and what a great time we had. We got news that the Fort Entertainment Complex Open Parking will be turned into a huge party place on October 16 & 17 with beer pong tables as well as large board games like snakes & ladder and jenga.

 Salt & Pepper Pretzel

We were treated to beer infused food at Draft Gastropub as all the food had beer in them. Speaking of Draft, they are one of the participating restaurants at Fort Strip that will be offering huge discounts for their food and drinks this weekend. The rest of the cast include Cable Car, Tony Roma's, Katsu, Kraft, Aracama, K-Pub and Scarlet.

Schnitzel & Cheese 

 Curry Cheese Hungarian

Looking to win some cool prizes? Bring out the competitive spirit in you and join the #Hugot Quiz Night and it will leave you searching for answers. It will make you remember some unforgettable songs or film scenes that happened locally or internationally. 

Beer Cheese Croquettes

Don't forget to bring the entire Beerkada as this weekend will be one for the ages.

One of the country's top bands Up Dharma Down will also be having a free concert on October 17, 7PM.  

Available only during Oktoberfest is the Paulaner Oktoberfest Bier so head over to Draft Gastropub this weekend for one hell of a good time.

Eat Like a Sultan Like Never Before

I'm so glad me and Team Aldous' Juvenile Jokester Jayce got to set this blogger dinner at Sultan Mediterranean (I always forget how to spell this) Grill. Her officemate Phoebe is actually the restaurant's (get ready for it) COO!!!! Child of the Owner! No, I'm not kidding!

I'm actually reviewing another (here it goes again) Mediterranean restaurant. For some reason, spelling that word takes forever. Anyway, who's complaining right? It means fresh lamb and kebab galore again.

Vitamin Boost Salad (P250)

I'm not much of a salad fan. What a surprise, right? However, the health freak in me absolutely loved the Vitamin Boost Salad. All these vegetables made it a a keeper for someone who is on a diet (a word that doesn't exist in my vocabulary).

Falfalel on top of Hummus (P250)

This one is one appetizer that got me giddy for the main course dishes as I think it was cheese inside of those yummy potato balls and it is even on top of what I thought was mashed potato. It can also go along with the kebab platter.

Banana Yoghurt Shake (P100)

I love Yoghurt Shakes and this is the first time I saw a Medi (better to use this shortcut) restaurant provide a variety of flavors for it. I had Banana and it was so good that I "accidentally" drank some of Roch's drink. Well, it was not my fault they were the same color.

Moussaka (P250)

Moussaka is basically Lasagna with a different name. This one had a lot of cheese on top of the eggplant and minced beef and that is always a plus for me.

Braised Lamb Shanks (P550)

My favorite of the night by a nose (Pinocchio's nose that is). The lamb is so tender since it was slow cooked for 3 hours. Imagine that! I mean I could have done a lot of things in 3 hours but the chef cooked this delicious lamb right in front of me and I am glad I got to take home what was left of it!

Kebab Platter (P580)

Choose any 4 kebabs in the menu for this platter and we had chicken, beef, seafood and lamb. What a wonderful combination indeed. It is a meat lover's dream come true. My advice is to use the knife provided.

Lobia Rice (P95)

If you felt like something is missing with the Kebab Platter then look no further than the Lobia Rice. This cup of carbs is stuffed with string beans and chicken. It made me a fan and I'm sure you will be too.

Chicken Kebab (P160)

A semi-healthy alternative to all those rice + meat dishes is the Chicken Kebab. It is chicken plus some onion and cucumber with mayonnaise in a wrap. It even has a flag on top. For those not aware, you must take the flag out before diving in as I learned my lesson the hard way.

Overall, it was great dining at a Medi restaurant located right in the middle of Makati CBD. I can't wait to come back to have more of that lamb.

The Sultan Mediterranean Cuisine
UG9 Valero Plaza Condominium 
124 San Agustin Makati