Why Do You Have to be so Rue?

Can I have your Roasters for the rest of my life? Say Yes! Say Yes! We all know how that song goes but seriously, you are going to be so ruuuude if you only go to Rue Bourbon to drink because they have awesome food as well. Of course, the highlight of this place is still the Big Ass Caramel Beer.

Bourbon Onion Rings (P215)

 Calamari N' Fries (P380)

Onion Rings and Calamari N' Fries are usually the stuff you would order while drinking beer right? They are both deep fried to golden crisp as the Calamari N Fries comes with spicy aioli dip while the Onion Rings comes with original bbq sauce and chili remoulade. It should also be noted that all the food at Rue are for sharing (unless you have an appetite like mine) so don't be alarmed by the prizes.

 Bacon and Beef Potatoes (P325)

Sisig Nachos (P395)

Oh wow, I really enjoyed the Bacon and Beef Potatoes a lot as in I was munching it bite after bite. The Sisig Nachos is one of their best sellers and I quickly found out why. It is because it is something that you will remember after diving into it.

 Four Cheese Pizza (P395)

I know it would not be wise to eat a lot of this pizza since we were supposed to be served a lot of food on this night but I did not really care as I love four cheese pizza. Their version simply ruled my taste buds. What a delightful treat.

Saturday evening jumped out to drink....all these flavored beers! They have a lot of that and trying them all should be in your bucket list. We ended up trying them all and I could not tell what was going on in my tummy afterwards. They just added the Strawberry flavor and it is indeed a winner. The Caramel flavor is still the best though.

 Asian, Buffalo and Bourbon Wings (P335)

We were served a combination of Buffalo Wings, Bourbon Wings and Asian Wings. It is also the start of food you should eat when you are a little tipsy already after having one too many caramel beers. At first, I was worried the wings were spicy but they weren't that much. For those who like it spicy though, there's the hot sauce.

 Angel Hair Pasta (P299) and Seafood Lasagna (P299)

I was craving for seafood and these two pasta dishes answered my prayers. I now know where to go whenever me or one of my friends is craving for seafood.

 Half Slab (P520)

I love baby back ribs and I'm so glad we got to taste their version. Wow, it is such a steal for its price and it goes well with whatever side dish you choose. I am all up for ordering this again when I get back. Its tenderness is addicting.

We were served A LOT of drinks throughout the night and I really recommend all of them. Sadly, the quality of my photos were not up to par so I can only post a few. Not to worry though as I will surely update this post when I get back there which is in the VERY near future.

 Alexander the Great

I can't understand why they named this drink after the famous Roman legend but it had me hooked in. I found out it contains bourbon whiskey, spiced syrup, fresh lime, honey and ginger ale so it was understandably a drink to remember.

I forgot what you call this drink buy it did contain orange and that is always a plus.

Crystal Ball

This drink containing fresh draft beer, lemon, honey and Tenessee whiskey made me see my future. It involves drinking down this heavenly drink.

It also contains me going back to Rue over and over again. What a great time we had there.

Rue Bourbon Bar & Restaurant
G/F Aguirre Building Tordesillas cor Dela Costa
Makati, Metro Manila

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