That Baler Trip to the Circle Hostel

 The Circle Hostel just opened their largest branch to date at Baler and you know what that means? It is time for another Team Aldous team building whoop dee doo. Before going though the hostel, I must admit the road trip is part of the experience so I have to share some awkward moments to say the least during the trip:

Phya: Knock knock!

Ave: Who's there?

Phya: Avelovin

Ave: Avelovin who?

Everyone: Avelovin Youuuuuuuuuu foreverrrrrr

Me: Forrrrevahhhh

*everyone gives me a blank stare*

Another one...

Jen: So what's the difference between a backpacker and a flashpacker?

Me: A backpacker carries a backpack and a flashpacker carries a flashlight.

*awkward moment of silence while I was laughing*

Dani: Sige lang, Aldous. Kaya mo yan!

 Kidding (or lack of it) aside, the new branch made some improvements including a presence of a kitchen for those who would really want to save up on their meals. Just like other branches, feel free to leave your mark on the hostel by painting anything you want except vulgar words. Don't forget the #therearenostrangers theme of the hostel as we met an awesome cast of characters when we checked in here. There was a Titas of Manila group, a kid who skateboards better than I do, a dude who can't keep a shirt on and of course, a stunning foreigner.

Couples can now enjoy private rooms too even though I heard one branch already has it. For those thinking they can enjoy an air con inside, there's none of that. My tip is to choose the hammocks though since they are the cheapest and you are not supposed to spend too much time in the hostel when you are on vacation, right? For their rates, check out

This year is the year I really appreciated yoga and I'm glad we did basic yoga poses at Baler. It is just so hard to swallow when I remember those moments I was sweating so hard and everyone was still dry. It was like I was making a small pond on my mat and I can already see my reflection.

Whoooo! Nothing like riding an ATV while at the beach. OKAY SO I JUST BORROWED IT FROM KUYA ATV (ANO PA BA ITATAWAG SA KANYA?) PARA MAGPAPICTURE. Ang poser eh noh?


After a long hike where I continuously screamed "Are we there yet?", we finally arrived at the Mother Falls. I must say it is great to swim after such a calorie burning walk. There is even a rock there where you can do a mermaid pose. For some reason, I climbed up on it and did a Mermen pose and I will probably never post that picture for obvious reasons.

We were supposed to play drinking games at night but Raf (one of the owners) fell asleep too early. I guess no drinking games is better than playing drinking games where some of the players drank water as punishment. Yes, it actually happened last time we were in La Union. I guess it is still drinking though.

 We also did the Passion & Purpose workshop which lets you discover your true passion in life. I won't spoil anything here like it's a TV series but I recommend you take it without expecting anything. All I remember was that it was great talking to my new Ukrainian friend since I told her that I have already been to some European countries like France and Germany. I can't believe she bought that, though? =O

Me, Jen, Chessika, Phya, Karla, Ave, Dani and Raf with Magic Mike

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Dani ayon kay ...

Si Cesar ba yung dude who can't keep his shirt on??? Hahahaha. Dami kong tawa. Sana mahanap ni ateng Ukranian yung blog mo.

Unknown ayon kay ...

Wait sobrang natawa ako at sa end he referred to him as magic mike! Oh aldous! Nice meeting you all ☺

Unknown ayon kay ...

I agree ... sana mahanap niya! Ayan na aldous haha... happy moments.

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