Comfort Italian Food at its Finest at Mama Lou's

Located at the brand new wing of UP Town Center, Mama Lou's is one restaurant that will give you a lasting impression. I am an eater who is hard to please and on my first visit here, I declare their food is something to remember.

Escargots (P395)

I actually thought I was eating oysters when I dug into these Escargots but it turns out they were snails that are imported from Europe. The fact that they are baked in parsley and butter only made things much better.

 Mama Lou's Special (12" P350, 14" P450)

 Pizza Bianca (12" P275, 14" P375)

I absolutely loved everything about the Pizza Bianca. It is filled with bacon, mushroom, mozzarella and cream. Who dislikes Bacon right? Meanwhile, the Mama Lou's Special is something you should order when you go here for the first time. Located in the middle of each slice is prosciutto and mango. What a treat!

 Truffle Mac & Cheese (P285)

The Truffle Mac & Cheese just satisfied my cravings for some sweet pasta. It certainly defined what comfort food is all about.

 Marbled Ribeye Steak (P695)

Their Marbled Ribeye Steak is cooked medium rare. It is also very tender and it definitely defines how I like my steaks cooked. 

 Seafood Alfredo (P325)

I never thought seafood and pasta would make a great combination and the alfredo sauce that topped it off is like putting on the finishing touches.

 Chicken Fra Diavalo (P390)

I saw on their menu that their food is customer satisfaction guaranteed and I have to completely agree. The Chicken Fra Diavalo is a perfect example of that. This oven roasted chicken with rosemary garlic can't possibly be compared with the roasted chicken you see in supermarkets. It is simply in a class of its own.

 Risotto Tartufo Funghi (P325)

I love Risotto so much that I could not resist going into a restaurant without ordering it when I see it on the menu. Their best-selling Risotto is the Risotto Tartufo Funghi and it is full of mushroom and truffle cream. I really recommend to combine this with their meaty dishes.

 Mama Lou's Cheesecake (P180)

 Chocolate Cake (P160)

Mango Crepe (P225)

To satisfy our sweet tooth, we had three dessert dishes. The cakes were great but it can't possibly be compared to the Mango Crepe. That's just me being biased though since I am a crepe person but I really loved it. It was a good thing there was a little space in my tummy after all that food we ate.

Mama Lou's Italian Restaurant
UP Town Center

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