6 Dishes to Try at Feta Restaurant

I can't deny the excitement I had when I was on my way to Feta Restaurant. I'm a big fan of Mediterranean cuisine so it was a good thing I was able to get through the heavy rains to make it here. It was a good thing their food did not disappoint. In fact, it did the opposite as it thoroughly impressed me and my blogger friends.

Yogurt Shake (P129)

I love Yogurt Shakes so I marked out like a mad man when I saw that they have it. You have the option of having it sweet or salty and it was a no-brainer which one I was going to choose. I highly recommend you to order this when you pay this restaurant a visit. 

Speaking of order, here are 6 dishes you should definitely order at Feta:

Vegetarian Moussaka (P280)

Moussaka is basically lasagna and I chose the vegetarian version over the beef version. It was good except that it has a weird taste and it may be because of camote being mixed in it but that is far from a definite.

Mixed Souvlaki Platter (P1350 for 4)

Wow, talk about everything but the kitchen sink in the Mixed Souvlaki Platter. You got adarna, chicken wings, souvlaki chicken and shawarma here. If this isn't a meat lover's dream come true then I don't know what is. 

Grilled Moroccan Lamb Chops (P590)

My favorite by far is the Grilled Moroccan Lamb Chops. I have to applaud their chef as it was cooked to perfection. The meat is tender and it is something worth ordering over and over again.

Greek Pizza (Mozzarella Cheese P240 Minced Beef P320)

I have to admire their creativity in this boat shaped pizza filled with tomatoes, bell peppers and lots of cheese. It is one of those dishes that is best eaten when freshly cooked. If it is left on the table for a long time then it won't taste that good anymore.

Profiteroles (P180 3 pcs)

Kanafeh(P280 good for two, P380 good for four)

Wow, talk about saving the best for last. Both dessert dishes were so good that I'd consider coming back here for the dessert alone. 

Overall, Feta is a restaurant that you should certainly pay a visit whenever you are in the Greenhills area. 

Feta Restaurant
G/F Intrawest Center
101 Annapolis Street
Greenhills, San Juan City

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