Bromancing Shawarmas at Shawarma Bros

Don't get me all wrong, bro. I'm as straight as a feather. I'm talking about loving the Shawarmas by Abe Castro and his other bros at Shawarma Bros. If that sounds repetitive, bro then because it is. 

They sure came a long way from when I first bought a rice plate from them many years ago at the Cucina Andare Mercato food truck concept at Glorietta park. I guess it is true when they say good things happen to good people since they seem prettty nice.

Check this out, bro! A wall full of Instagram pictures that has the #shawarmabros. I can't believe that hashtag has that many pictures. It is indeed a cool and original idea to put that there. I just hope nobody puts a large electric fan nearby or it would be a pretty big mess, bro.

Beef Shawarma Rice Meal (P179)

Cheat day or not, indulge on their Beef Shawarma Rice Meal as it also comes with a glass of iced tea. It has enough rice and their own version of mango salad to get you to hold your tummy after a satisfying meal.

Lamb Steak Rice Meal (P219)

I am loving the meat here, you know what I'm saying? I am not surprised how they got featured in TV shows like Kris TV and Umagang Kay Ganda. Now, they can really celebrate because the got featured at...(long pause) Aldous at the World. In all seriousness, there is nothing to dislike about their lamb as it is tender and tasty too.

Chicken Burrito Bro Meal (P179)

I love burritos so I had both the Lamb and Chicken Burrito Bro Meal. I was actually the only one who ordered two and that says how much I enjoyed the food here at Shawarma Bros. It is either that or I just have a big appetite....and it is probably both.  

Shawarma Bros
2/F Bonifacio Stopover
31st Street cor. Rizal Drive

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This is too yummy! i love eating shawarma! I didn't know that they had a branch in Bonifacio! Sarap madalaw nga :)

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