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Q & A with Chef Giorgio Matera of La Piadina

It was actually my first time to dine at La Piadina and what better way to do it than to have a Q & A with their head chef Giorgio Matera. We asked him all the hard questions including how the dinosaurs disappeared from the face of the earth and who shot John Kennedy. Kidding aside, he revealed that he wanted us to experience a different type of Italian cuisine at La Piadina. 

Owner Everson Go-Tian also marveled about the creativity of Giorgio as he suggested that he come up with a dish that combines both pizza and pasta and he reveals that he came up with something so creative that it will make headlines. Chef Giorgio proclaimed that he loves the Philippines as he keeps on coming back. Speaking of coming back, all these dishes made me want to come back to La Piadina...

Capellini in Brodo

Salmon Gratin

Chicken Cream Soup con Fungi

Sardines Pasta

Creamy Mushroom & Spinach Lasagna

Spiedino di Pollo

Straccietti Di Manzo Al Balsamico


We were given samples of each dish and I have to say my favorite was the Straccietti. The only thing I can't take about the dish was pronouncing the long name. The Creamy Mushroom and Spinach Lasagna should also not be taken for granted as it is a good dish to pair with the meaty dishes.

La Piadina
G/F Solaris One Building
130 Dela Rosa Street, Legaspi Village, Makati

Burger Avenue lands at De La Salle University

It was only a decade ago when I was studying at La Salle so I got ecstatic when I heard of Burger Avenue's new branch there. After tasting their food, I knew the La Salle students are in for a treat when classes start on August 24 since this branch just opened last week.

I even saw an old classmate and old professor when I went out for a bathroom break. Wow, this place is full of cool memories and I got to thank Burger Avenue for helping me relive those times. I was actually asked by both my former professor and former classmate if I'm already married to which I replied "Hindi pa, pero malamang mauunahan kita".

Vanilla Milkshake (P138)

Burgers and shakes go well with each other which is why I could not help but order their Vanilla Milkshake. It presented Vanilla, my favorite ice cream flavor just the way I like it and I can't wait to try their other ice cream flavors.

Crispy Bacon Melt (1/4 lb P215)

I really enjoyed their burgers. Co-owner Martin Silverio also told me a story of how there was a time when they were the only ones open at their 7 year old Fort Strip branch before because clubs nearby closed down. I was not surprised they were able to survive that time when I was able to try their burgers because it was so good.

Onion Rings (P60)

Burgers are better eaten when with fries or onion rings. I got onion rings this time and theirs was crunchy and tasty. I could not ask for anything more while I was eating their onion rings.

Chodobo (P175)

Have you ever heard of the Chodobo? Me either as co-owner Kim Pelayo told me it is a combination of chorizo and adobo with sunny side up egg on top. I admire their creativity in coming up with the name. It is also one of their best sellers and I was not surprised one bit as the meat is tender and the rice is addicting as well.

Burger Avenue is one street I would not mind getting lost in.

Burger Avenue
Agno, DLSU-Taft

Bromancing Shawarmas at Shawarma Bros

Don't get me all wrong, bro. I'm as straight as a feather. I'm talking about loving the Shawarmas by Abe Castro and his other bros at Shawarma Bros. If that sounds repetitive, bro then because it is. 

They sure came a long way from when I first bought a rice plate from them many years ago at the Cucina Andare Mercato food truck concept at Glorietta park. I guess it is true when they say good things happen to good people since they seem prettty nice.

Check this out, bro! A wall full of Instagram pictures that has the #shawarmabros. I can't believe that hashtag has that many pictures. It is indeed a cool and original idea to put that there. I just hope nobody puts a large electric fan nearby or it would be a pretty big mess, bro.

Beef Shawarma Rice Meal (P179)

Cheat day or not, indulge on their Beef Shawarma Rice Meal as it also comes with a glass of iced tea. It has enough rice and their own version of mango salad to get you to hold your tummy after a satisfying meal.

Lamb Steak Rice Meal (P219)

I am loving the meat here, you know what I'm saying? I am not surprised how they got featured in TV shows like Kris TV and Umagang Kay Ganda. Now, they can really celebrate because the got featured at...(long pause) Aldous at the World. In all seriousness, there is nothing to dislike about their lamb as it is tender and tasty too.

Chicken Burrito Bro Meal (P179)

I love burritos so I had both the Lamb and Chicken Burrito Bro Meal. I was actually the only one who ordered two and that says how much I enjoyed the food here at Shawarma Bros. It is either that or I just have a big appetite....and it is probably both.  

Shawarma Bros
2/F Bonifacio Stopover
31st Street cor. Rizal Drive

Meat Lovers Rejoice in Uncle Cheffy's P199 Unlimited Chicken & Pork + P1500 Uncle Cheffy GC Giveaway

You have heard of a fried chicken all you can promo. Now, Uncle Cheffy introduces the Fried Chicken, Roasted Chicken and Pork Crackling all you can promo for just P199! The only catch is you have to eat as much as you can in just 1 and a half hours which is a lot of time.

This promo is available all day and they will refill the meat once you finish it. The strategy here is to save the one cup of rice so you won't get full fast. They will also provide gravy and ketchup as sauces for the meat. 

 Cheffy Cheesecake (P150)

Italian Leche Flan (P130)

It is a good thing there was also desserts to take away the umay we had from eating all that meat. Both dessert dishes impressed and I wish there would be an unlimited dessert promo soon to go along with the unlimited meat.


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Chef Boy Logro invades Mahalin Pagkain Atin at Mercato

I was lucky enough to get invited to Mahalin Pagkain Atin at Mercato Centrale or Panlasang Norte which is a food fest showcasing some of Luzon's finest delicacies. Pilmico and Mercato Centrale brought this wonderful event together and Chef Boy Logro was also on hand to give us live cooking demos. 

Pilmico's JP Pangilinan talked about how the advocacy Mahalin Pagkain Atin has been traveling around the country to raise awareness about our local food. The Madhouse's DJ Chris, DJ Tracy and DJ Stan were also on hand to give away prizes. DJ Tracy tried to get Chef Boy Logro to be their chef at home and Chef Logro quickly answered to her that he will do it if the price is right.

The Pinakbet with Bagnet is just one of the foods showcased by Chef Boy Logro. I suddenly realized how this guy became a celebrity chef. He let us sample it and it was delicious. I also admired his sense of humor as he told us a story of the time he worked abroad and his boss wanted him as their Sous Chef and he thought the Sous Chef would just prepare the sauces.

There is nothing like being able to appreciate our local food. Mr. "Yum Yum Yum" definitely stole the show and a lot of bloggers wanted to get a selfie with him. He made cooking Filipino food so easy but I have to admit the same won't happen if I was the one cooking.

The Cheeziness Doesn't Stop at the Cheesy Project

Do you know what time it is?

Nope. Don't have a watch.

It's time for you and me to have coffee.

Cheesy huh? Don't worry, I'm not talking about that type of cheesy. I'm talking about the Fried Kesong Puti in a Bun by the Cheesy Project.

Irene and Rai

I applaud the creativity of owners Irene and Rai as I paid them a visit at their booth. It turns out the kesong puti is fried right in front of you and put inside toasted bread for only P80 for 2 buns. 

They also have a couple of tasty flavors:

Sgt. Pepperoni's (2 for P100)

I salute their creativity in thinking of the names of the dishes as Sgt. Pepperoni's includes pepperoni along with the grilled kesong puti with herbs. It was so good that I was hoping there's a double pepperoni version like a double cheeseburger where the meat is doubled. That would turn Sgt. Pepperoni into General Pepperoni. 

Longga Bits 4ever (2 for 100)

Another delight for meat lovers is the Longga Bits 4ever! I think it won't be long before they start supplying these fried kesong puti in a bun flavors to coffee shops. I just hope they would add more flavors like: Veggie Veggie Veggie, Can't You See? Sometimes Yours Words Hypnotize Me (Vegetables) and When I Seafood, I Eat It (Seafood, duh?). Okay, so maybe those names were a little off the hook. 

They were at the I'm Shoe In Love bazaar so I can't wait for the next time they decide to join a bazaar again so I can try these cheesy (pun intended) goodies again. 

The Cheesy Project

Win 1 Week Free Trial at L!fe Yoga BGC

I was both excited and nervous when I was walking towards Life Yoga for my very first yoga class. They are the newest yoga studio in town and at the end of the class, I am not ashamed to say I enjoyed my first yoga session there. They have a homey ambiance as I felt very relaxed when I was there. They have everything you need in a yoga class like locker rooms, showers that have shampoo and soap plus the mats are already provided. There are two rooms for classes and one is heated while the other one is not.

Before my class, I decided to practice my balance and check out what happened:

                                            This is me trying to balance....

This is me realizing I'm just not good at it...

Hold your horses, mate. Don't get the wrong impression that yoga is just for ladies. There is actually a Broga class every Saturday afternoon for guys. Now, you can hang with your bros while doing something that guys don't normally do but it is way cool. Just avoid laughing all the time as the entire thing would turn into laugh therapy if that happens.

There is also a coffee shop there called Vibe Cafe where you can have coffee before or after class. They also have cold pressed juices available and I highly recommend all the flavors. I also tried the chicken & cheese quesadilla and I give it two thumbs up.

Not familiar with Yoga like me? Check this out and be enlightened:

Excited to try Yoga at Life Yoga?

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L!FE Yoga
R205 8 Forbestown Road, BGC