Value for Money Buffet at Bossing's Grill + P1000 GC Giveaway

When I am hungry and broke (always happens), I would usually think of cheap buffets with lots of food. That's right, they exist. Buffets that are P300 or less.  Among that list is Bossing Grill's P299 buffet which consists of so many choices that I gave up trying to count the amount of choices they had. Some of the bloggers who were with me even said their buffet is better than buffets that are priced at P500 and up.

Before I dive into the buffet, I would usually make a lot of room in my stomach by not eating much in the meal before that. There are some buffets that are similarly priced but you have to pay an additional P60 or P70 for drinks but that is not the case with Bossing's Grill since the drinks are already included. By the way, I thought Bossing's Grill forgot to put the label on the dishes on their buffet. I hope they remember next time as that would be helpful to foreigners and locals who are not familiar with Filipino food.

At first, I thought these dishes were appetizers but they were actually not since they included chopsuey, squid, ham, liempo and other dishes not to missed. I think they should make the containers for these dishes bigger like the ones below for them to be noticed more. Some people would go straight for the dishes put on a large container because they think it is the main attraction. You would not want some of your food to get ignored because of that.

Sweet & Sour Fish and Bicol Express

Chicken Afritada and Pinakbet

Plain Rice and Pancit 

I wasn't able to count how many plates I had for this buffet. I did remember I had lots of pancit since I prefer that to be my carbs compared to rice. I will certainly feel sorry for your waistline after you dine at Bossing's. Bossing wants you to be full and that's exactly what's going to happen.

There were donuts, halo-halo and fruits at the dessert section. Another word of advice for a buffet: Leave room for dessert!

I made the mistake of ignoring the desserts of Bossing's Grill the first time I ate here and I sure regretted it. Just check out this Choco Leche Flan and I am sure your sweet cravings will be fulfilled just by looking at it. What more that its part of a value for money buffet, right?

I saw a lot of people here bring their families here and it is indeed a good idea. Because of the low price of the buffet, the restaurant is ideal for big groups. You can also spend hours here drinking alcohol with friends. Since there is a buffet, you won't have to worry about the pulutan. 

Hold on! Bossing says to stop right there because you can win an Uncle Cheffy Group GC right now:

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Bossing's Grill

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Bossing's Grill
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sandundermyfeet ayon kay ...

food looks great especially the chocolate lava cake! too bad I missed it but would probably try it out one of these days! Thanks for sharing Aldous!


Unknown ayon kay ...

I believe I might finish 5-8 plates

Unknown ayon kay ...

6-8 plates

Jim Marlon A. Macaraeg
Pasay City

Unknown ayon kay ...

What diet? I'll go for 10 plates :D

AJ ayon kay ...

On an average, I eat six plates worth of food during buffets ( :

Crystal Cruz ayon kay ...

six plates

Crystal Cruz

administrador ayon kay ...

Sweet and sour fish and that yummy desserts, I'll go for 10

Jauvari Usman

Unknown ayon kay ...

will be able to finish an average of 7 plate...

cherry tan

Emilie Udasco - Elie Kitty ayon kay ...

Wow! This giveaway is just perfect for my daughter's birthday this August! She will definitely loved it because she loves to eat in buffets!

I can finished 5 plates full of different dishes! :D

Thanks! :)

Sherry ann gole cruz ayon kay ...

i can finish 4 plates
sherry ann gole cruz

Emcel Fajardo ayon kay ...

I could finish 5-6 plates
Maricel Fajardo

Unknown ayon kay ...

I can finish at least 5 plates in different dishes
Rachelle Anne Sianson
Thanks :)

Unknown ayon kay ...

I think I can finish 3-4 plates of different dishes
Lolita Singwatt

Unknown ayon kay ...

i can finish 4 PLATES

Dorcas Arellano

Elinor S. ayon kay ...

I think I will finish 3 to 4 plates by the end of the buffet.

Ma. Elinor Semira
maydoll0513 at gmail dot com

Unknown ayon kay ...

4-5 plates! Heheheheeh! I eat alot sarehhh :)))

Riyalyn Gatdula

Unknown ayon kay ...

Ana Darato
I think i can finish 3-4 plates

Ann Cagalingan ayon kay ...

I can i can finished 2 plates,Foods looks so yummy & tasty! ;)

acodeza ayon kay ...

I think I can finish 2-3 depends on the food I will put on my plate :)
Arra Odeza

Unknown ayon kay ...

I think I can finish 4 plates hehhee because i love foods hahaa
dee ira fortes

Meekee ayon kay ...

I think I can finish 4 plates! I love eating!
Carmina Aguilar

Unknown ayon kay ...

I think I can finish 2-3 plates depends on my mood lol
Maricris T. Abarabar

Unknown ayon kay ...

I think 3-4 plates and depends of what kinds of foods..
Leny Martinez

April Rose Abanto ayon kay ...

It depends how hungry I'am! ^_^
If super hungry, maybe up to 6 plates ^_^
If not that much, 3 - 4 plates ^_^

April Rose Abanto

Love being a mom ayon kay ...

If I am really hungry hehehe I can finish 2-3 plates.I am sure the food there is great so 2-3 plates is enough to fulfill your cravings.

Faith Hazel Almario

Yeye Cam ayon kay ...

I can finish 3-4 plates! :)

Girlie Camungay

JaGGeR ayon kay ...

4 plates!!!!

jagger camungay

Unknown ayon kay ...

more like 4 to 5 plates.

Eliesse kate Quiles

Unknown ayon kay ...

3 or more plates
helen gatbonton

devilsnare ayon kay ...

3 or 4

Nerissa Marin

Anita Marita ayon kay ...

3 or more :)

diane ayon kay ...

Looks Yummy especially the desserts! I think i can finish with 4-5 plates!
Diana Beatima

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