Reach the Sky Literally at Aozora

I decided to do away with the usual review format and try something new. It will be a Q&A about the newest Japanese restaurant in Tagaytay - Aozora.

Aozora Iced Tea (P120)

Q: What are the ingredients of the Aozora Iced Tea?
A: It is not the sweet house iced tea we are used to. It contains honey, pandan, lemongrass and mint leaves. It has that strong aftertaste that will probably not leave a good impression on the young generation.

Aozora Ramen (P295)

Q: What makes the Aozora Ramen unique?
A: It has bulalo meat in it mixed with corn, egg, noodles and veggies. I honestly thought it should be called Cowzora Ramen. Kidding aside, I can't help but wonder why there are so many bulalo themed restaurants in Tagaytay. The ramen is one of their best sellers and it lived up to my expectations.

                                                                              Pork Belly Yakiniku with Veggies (P390)

Q: P390 for the Pork Belly Yakiniku? Surely you jest?
A: Well, they are located at a nice hotel at Tagaytay so they got all the right to charge you that much for their food. I wouldn't say their food is overpriced. I thought it was just right. For this dish, I loved the barbecue sauce on the pork belly. I just wished they were larger.

Rainbow Maki (P320)

Q: Why is Rainbow Maki called that way?
A: I'm not really a fan of Maki but it's called Rainbow Maki because of what's on top the white rice. We get salmon, tamago, tuna and cucumber. It is a joy to look at and it tastes great too.


Q: What does Aozora mean?
A: Aozora is Japanese for Blue Sky and it is a great name for the restaurant because you can almost reach the skies while in the terrace. In fact, they are planning to have a second branch if all goes according to plan. It will most likely be in another high place. Perhaps, Mount Pinatubo?

Mango Tempura Ice Cream (P180)

Q: What could be improved in the Mango Tempura Ice Cream?
A: I honestly thought there should be two scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream instead of just one since there are 4 tempura pieces. Other than that, I give it a thumbs up.

Key Coffee (P95)

Q: Anything special about the Key Coffee?
A: There has to be since we waited so long for it to come out. Christine (one of the owners) told us that it is the no. 1 coffee in Japan. Did I believe her? After tasting the coffee, it made me a believer.

Q: How was the view?
A: The view was real nice from the terrace of the restaurant. It was a shame we weren't able to take a group picture with the view in the background because of the rain. It was a good thing I was able to take a selfie before the rain poured in though.

Aozora Japanese Cafe + Bistro
Domicillo Hotel, 58 Aguinaldo Highway
Tagaytay City

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Unknown ayon kay ...

The Aozora ramen and mango tempura ice cream looks intriguing! I think it's worth a try ;)

Roch ayon kay ...

Great selfie in the end! Haha. Their signature house iced tea is a must-try for first-time diners. It's totally unique and quite memorable.

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