Belly Busting Beer Chow at Cable Car

I'm not really that big of a party person (um, 10 years ago) so I haven't heard about the fact that Cable Car serves good food until now. It turns out it is also a great place to hang out with friends. They also offer guests a chance to play beer pong and other drinking games. I grew up always seeing the Tomas Morato branch and I always thought it was a place that would offer a cable car ride from one place to another. Imagine that!

 Sisig Spaghetti (P199)

The first dish served to us turned out to be my favorite as well. As if it isn't too obvious by the name, it's spaghetti with bits of pork sisig along with egg on top. The egg on top is something new for a spaghetti dish for me but since I was so hungry, I took some without mixing the egg. It turns out it would be better to mix the egg into the dish first before diving in.

 Heartbreaker Pizza Medium (P650)

The Heartbreaker pizza is another name for their all meat pizza. After realizing that, I now realize why they call it like that. It definitely pairs up well with a bucket of beer.

 Sizzling Seafood Aligue Rice (P249)

The Sizzling Seafood Aligue Rice is basically fried rice with lots of seafood. It did not hurt to have it on a sizzling plate in order to have that tasty feeling. I would advise to pair it up with one of their buffalo wings as that would be an awesome combination.

 Buffalo Chicken Rice Melt (P199)

The Buffalo Chicken Rice Melt is marketing guy Pao's personal favorite and he made a good choice. I mean, who would not want buffalo chicken strips and rice with cheesy melt on top right? I loved every bit of it.

 Truffled Tapa (P350)

I got startled when I found out the Truffled Tapa is priced at P350. However, I understood why quickly when I found out the quality that came with this dish. The meat is tender and the egg is cooked perfectly.

Punyeta (P110)

It is so cool how this drink is named Punyeta. I love it when alcoholic drinks are named after curse words. I think it is because it is what you will say when you first sip it. This drink can actually go refillable at a steady price of P249 as well.

Cable Car
The Fort Strip, Bonifacio Global City
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Unknown ayon kay ...

you didn't take a photo of the vodka ice! haha

Roch ayon kay ...

I've tried Cable Car's food as well just recently and was satisfied. The flavors are like bombs that are intensified at every bite. The name of that last drink is funny.

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