All Smiles at the Mad Dough Bakery

We met up with Sabrina See of the Mad Dough Bakery and she let us try 3 of her best sellers. I reallly didn't expect much and I was completely blown away. Honestly speaking, her desserts belong in a high end restaurant.

 Cinammon Rolls

Seriously, words can't describe how good the Cinammon Roll is. The cream cheese definitely put the finishing touches on it. We ate it when it was baked 3 hours later and I can only imagine how impressed I would be if I ate it when it was freshly baked. When I was eating it, I was already looking forward to the next bite. That's how good it is.

 Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ivy thought the cookies made for a great breakfast and afternoon snack. It is another creation of Sabrina that is best eaten when freshly baked. 

Banana Nutella Cupcake

I'm a big fan of banana cupcakes and this one had nutella cream cheese on top. What a great addition to a cake we have grown to love. I highly recommend this cupcake. The combination of the nutella cream cheese with the banana cupcake made it an instant classic. 

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Unknown ayon kay ...

Their cinnamon rolls are best eaten when heated. One of the best cinnamon rolls I've tasted :)

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