Value for Money Buffet at Bossing's Grill + P1000 GC Giveaway

When I am hungry and broke (always happens), I would usually think of cheap buffets with lots of food. That's right, they exist. Buffets that are P300 or less.  Among that list is Bossing Grill's P299 buffet which consists of so many choices that I gave up trying to count the amount of choices they had. Some of the bloggers who were with me even said their buffet is better than buffets that are priced at P500 and up.

Before I dive into the buffet, I would usually make a lot of room in my stomach by not eating much in the meal before that. There are some buffets that are similarly priced but you have to pay an additional P60 or P70 for drinks but that is not the case with Bossing's Grill since the drinks are already included. By the way, I thought Bossing's Grill forgot to put the label on the dishes on their buffet. I hope they remember next time as that would be helpful to foreigners and locals who are not familiar with Filipino food.

At first, I thought these dishes were appetizers but they were actually not since they included chopsuey, squid, ham, liempo and other dishes not to missed. I think they should make the containers for these dishes bigger like the ones below for them to be noticed more. Some people would go straight for the dishes put on a large container because they think it is the main attraction. You would not want some of your food to get ignored because of that.

Sweet & Sour Fish and Bicol Express

Chicken Afritada and Pinakbet

Plain Rice and Pancit 

I wasn't able to count how many plates I had for this buffet. I did remember I had lots of pancit since I prefer that to be my carbs compared to rice. I will certainly feel sorry for your waistline after you dine at Bossing's. Bossing wants you to be full and that's exactly what's going to happen.

There were donuts, halo-halo and fruits at the dessert section. Another word of advice for a buffet: Leave room for dessert!

I made the mistake of ignoring the desserts of Bossing's Grill the first time I ate here and I sure regretted it. Just check out this Choco Leche Flan and I am sure your sweet cravings will be fulfilled just by looking at it. What more that its part of a value for money buffet, right?

I saw a lot of people here bring their families here and it is indeed a good idea. Because of the low price of the buffet, the restaurant is ideal for big groups. You can also spend hours here drinking alcohol with friends. Since there is a buffet, you won't have to worry about the pulutan. 

Hold on! Bossing says to stop right there because you can win an Uncle Cheffy Group GC right now:

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Kuse Crossroads
Bossing's Grill

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Bossing's Grill
G/F Ali Mall

Roku Opens its 2nd Branch at Trinoma

After the star-studded 1st year anniversary celebration of Roku Katipunan a couple of years ago, I was so excited when Milka invited me to grace the launch of the second Roku branch at Trinoma. Besides, Trinoma is like my 2nd home since it is just a five minute walk away from me. 

 Chicken Teriyaki


When we arrived, Chicken Teriyaki and Gyudon were being served. The meat was tender and the rice was soft too. The only complaint I had was the bowls were too small. That's not enough to feed a hungry ninja like me.

 Firecracker Roll

 Chashu Shoyu Tonkotsu Ramen

There were a lot of Sushis served as well as the Chashu Shoy Tonkotsu Ramen. It's a ramen filled with chashu pork and egg which is coincidentally my favorite ramen too. By the way, all the food served were just a sample of their actual sizes.

Milka and her mom Sheila were called to the center by host Janeena Chan for a toast to the opening of the restaurant. They thanked everyone for coming and also looked ahead to the bright future of Roku as more branches are planned. I wish nothing but the best for the mother and daughter tandem.

The evening turned out to be more than special as Sheila Romero just celebrated her birthday a few days ago. Guess what? She looks younger than people who are 10 years younger than her. I can't help but admire people who get hotter as they grow old.


I saw one of the celebrity guests Karylle rave on Instagram about how good Roku's Gyoza is. I completely agree with her. It is indeed one of the menu items I will order the next time I visit Roku.

It was a very fun night and we also met some cool new friends. We had a lot of fun at the photobooth as we did the stairs pose, shocked pose and even the sexy pose. Milka joined us for another round of posing and I suggested we do the sexy pose again. Well........that pose is obviously not suitable to be posted here. (HINT:  I tried to show my abs errr flabs)

Roku Sushi + Ramen
2nd Floor Al Fresco, Trinoma

All Smiles at the Mad Dough Bakery

We met up with Sabrina See of the Mad Dough Bakery and she let us try 3 of her best sellers. I reallly didn't expect much and I was completely blown away. Honestly speaking, her desserts belong in a high end restaurant.

 Cinammon Rolls

Seriously, words can't describe how good the Cinammon Roll is. The cream cheese definitely put the finishing touches on it. We ate it when it was baked 3 hours later and I can only imagine how impressed I would be if I ate it when it was freshly baked. When I was eating it, I was already looking forward to the next bite. That's how good it is.

 Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ivy thought the cookies made for a great breakfast and afternoon snack. It is another creation of Sabrina that is best eaten when freshly baked. 

Banana Nutella Cupcake

I'm a big fan of banana cupcakes and this one had nutella cream cheese on top. What a great addition to a cake we have grown to love. I highly recommend this cupcake. The combination of the nutella cream cheese with the banana cupcake made it an instant classic. 

Mad Dough Pricelist and Contact Details

Feast on Luzon Specialties at Panlasang Norte

Mark July 31 on your calendars because it is going to be a fun-filled night at the Mercato Centrale, Bonifacio Global City. 

The Mercato Centrale Group in partnership with Mahalin Pagkaing Atin presents Panlasang Norte where Luzon's finest delicacies will be showcased. Mingle with other foodies, join the activities and satisfy your appetite.

Belly Busting Beer Chow at Cable Car

I'm not really that big of a party person (um, 10 years ago) so I haven't heard about the fact that Cable Car serves good food until now. It turns out it is also a great place to hang out with friends. They also offer guests a chance to play beer pong and other drinking games. I grew up always seeing the Tomas Morato branch and I always thought it was a place that would offer a cable car ride from one place to another. Imagine that!

 Sisig Spaghetti (P199)

The first dish served to us turned out to be my favorite as well. As if it isn't too obvious by the name, it's spaghetti with bits of pork sisig along with egg on top. The egg on top is something new for a spaghetti dish for me but since I was so hungry, I took some without mixing the egg. It turns out it would be better to mix the egg into the dish first before diving in.

 Heartbreaker Pizza Medium (P650)

The Heartbreaker pizza is another name for their all meat pizza. After realizing that, I now realize why they call it like that. It definitely pairs up well with a bucket of beer.

 Sizzling Seafood Aligue Rice (P249)

The Sizzling Seafood Aligue Rice is basically fried rice with lots of seafood. It did not hurt to have it on a sizzling plate in order to have that tasty feeling. I would advise to pair it up with one of their buffalo wings as that would be an awesome combination.

 Buffalo Chicken Rice Melt (P199)

The Buffalo Chicken Rice Melt is marketing guy Pao's personal favorite and he made a good choice. I mean, who would not want buffalo chicken strips and rice with cheesy melt on top right? I loved every bit of it.

 Truffled Tapa (P350)

I got startled when I found out the Truffled Tapa is priced at P350. However, I understood why quickly when I found out the quality that came with this dish. The meat is tender and the egg is cooked perfectly.

Punyeta (P110)

It is so cool how this drink is named Punyeta. I love it when alcoholic drinks are named after curse words. I think it is because it is what you will say when you first sip it. This drink can actually go refillable at a steady price of P249 as well.

Cable Car
The Fort Strip, Bonifacio Global City
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3 Dishes Available for July at The Pilgrim

Last time I featured the Pilgrim, I was talking about how they needed to add more dishes to their menu. My wish was finally granted...temporarily since these dishes are available for the month of July only so catch them while they are hot. 

Yakiniku Beef Bulgogi w/ Kimchi Rice (P225) 

It was a good thing I ordered the Rehabilitate drink because this dish is a little spicy. The beef was cooked to perfection though so you won't hear any complains from me.

 Spaghetti with Squid in Tomato Wine Sauce (P195)

Since the Spaghetti was only P195, I thought there wasn't much squid in it but how wrong I was. There were lots of squid in it and it tastes really good in tomato wine sauce. I loved the bits of cheddar cheese on top too. It is like the icing on the cake if you know what I mean.

Big Island Hawaiian Chicken w/ Pineapple Rice (P185)

When they said it was a big chicken, they meant it. I won't argue with that. Just like they say, the bigger, the better. I never thought pineapple chunks would go well with rice since it does not go well with pizza for me. I was completely marking out for the Hawaiian BBQ sauce on the chicken too. Overall, it is a pretty satisfying dish.

Since Pilgrim features food from different countries, Honolulu, Italy and Korea are represented here. Just take a wild guess which is which.

The Pilgrim
Maginhawa cor. Makadios St.

Indulge in the New Breakfast Offerings of Italianni's

Not a morning person? You will soon be when you get a load of these new breakfast dishes available only at Italianni's Greenbelt and Bonifacio High Street branches. All these new additions to the menu also comes with free coffee. Just when you think Chef Josh Boutwood has disappeared from the spotlight, he is back with a vengeance.

  Country-style Chorizo & Beans

There was a time when I used to crave for pork and beans so I am glad Chef Josh Boutwood has his own version in the Country-style Chorizo & Beans. Instead of pork, he has chorizo and it is even topped with two eggs served with grilled Tuscan bread.

Baked Ham & Cheese Bread Bowl

The Baked Ham and Cheese Bread Bowl has freshly baked bread bowl has slices of cured ham and shitake mushroom with warm cheese sauce and sunny side up egg on top. The best part is the softness of the bread.

Three Cheese Potato Rosti Cups

The Three Cheese Potato Rosti Cups features warm potato rosti filled with mozzarella, parmesan, and taleggio cheeses and finished off with egg and crispy bacon strips, then served with French toast on the side. It is Chef Josh Boutwood's magnificent spin off of the classic eggs, bacon and hash brown combo. 


Pasta Made from Scratch at Linguini Fini

The Megmall Fashion Hall sure has a lot of new fine dining restaurant concepts nowadays. One of them is Linguini Fini by the The Moment Group of Restaurants. I didn't know what to expect here since I have tried only one TMG restaurant prior to this which was Namnam. I kinda like Italian food so I didn't hesitate in giving it a try.

 Papardelle "Nose to Tail Bolo" (P430)

You can't leave Linguini Fini without trying one of their pasta dishes right? I ordered one of four pasta dishes that has its own page in the menu. The Papardelle has a lot of meat in it and that's good news for me. It contains pork testa, veal & oxtail ragu mixed with Parmigiano Reggiano. I thought this dish is a must try! Remember to order this when you visit Linguini Fini.

 Porchetta chopped with chili mostarda, fennel, focaccia (P485)

I love porchetta so when I saw it on the menu that it is served with two options, I knew I got to order one of them. The chili was indeed spicy so I didn't have much of that since I don't really like spicy food. I recommend ordering two cups of rice with the Porchetta though. That would make for a complete meal.

 Manila Caprese (P410)

It was the only pizza that got its separate page on the menu so I thought I'd order it. The Manila Caprese contains cherry tomatoes, house kesong puti, basil and olive oil. Being of fan of the classic Cheese pizza, this pizza sure put an amazing twist to it and I loved every bit of it. Unfortunately, we realized we ordered a bit too much so we were only able to finish half of the pizza. That's another plus for Linguini Fini as their dishes may be a bit pricey but their serving makes up for it.

Caramelized Pudding Ala Mode

This dessert dish is either new or it is a best seller since it is written on their blackboard. It must have been both because it was a great experience eating this. It is vanilla ice cream on top of freshly baked banana cake with almonds. When I saw that those three are in it, I didn't hesitate to order it and I was not disappointed one bit.

If you want a one of a kind Italian food experience then visit Linguini Fini.

Linguini Fini
3rd Floor, Mega Fashion Hall

Reach the Sky Literally at Aozora

I decided to do away with the usual review format and try something new. It will be a Q&A about the newest Japanese restaurant in Tagaytay - Aozora.

Aozora Iced Tea (P120)

Q: What are the ingredients of the Aozora Iced Tea?
A: It is not the sweet house iced tea we are used to. It contains honey, pandan, lemongrass and mint leaves. It has that strong aftertaste that will probably not leave a good impression on the young generation.

Aozora Ramen (P295)

Q: What makes the Aozora Ramen unique?
A: It has bulalo meat in it mixed with corn, egg, noodles and veggies. I honestly thought it should be called Cowzora Ramen. Kidding aside, I can't help but wonder why there are so many bulalo themed restaurants in Tagaytay. The ramen is one of their best sellers and it lived up to my expectations.

                                                                              Pork Belly Yakiniku with Veggies (P390)

Q: P390 for the Pork Belly Yakiniku? Surely you jest?
A: Well, they are located at a nice hotel at Tagaytay so they got all the right to charge you that much for their food. I wouldn't say their food is overpriced. I thought it was just right. For this dish, I loved the barbecue sauce on the pork belly. I just wished they were larger.

Rainbow Maki (P320)

Q: Why is Rainbow Maki called that way?
A: I'm not really a fan of Maki but it's called Rainbow Maki because of what's on top the white rice. We get salmon, tamago, tuna and cucumber. It is a joy to look at and it tastes great too.


Q: What does Aozora mean?
A: Aozora is Japanese for Blue Sky and it is a great name for the restaurant because you can almost reach the skies while in the terrace. In fact, they are planning to have a second branch if all goes according to plan. It will most likely be in another high place. Perhaps, Mount Pinatubo?

Mango Tempura Ice Cream (P180)

Q: What could be improved in the Mango Tempura Ice Cream?
A: I honestly thought there should be two scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream instead of just one since there are 4 tempura pieces. Other than that, I give it a thumbs up.

Key Coffee (P95)

Q: Anything special about the Key Coffee?
A: There has to be since we waited so long for it to come out. Christine (one of the owners) told us that it is the no. 1 coffee in Japan. Did I believe her? After tasting the coffee, it made me a believer.

Q: How was the view?
A: The view was real nice from the terrace of the restaurant. It was a shame we weren't able to take a group picture with the view in the background because of the rain. It was a good thing I was able to take a selfie before the rain poured in though.

Aozora Japanese Cafe + Bistro
Domicillo Hotel, 58 Aguinaldo Highway
Tagaytay City

All Crepe'd Up at Crepe Amelie

Whenever I crave for dessert, I would search for a place that serves crepe. It is a good thing I got to discover this quaint place at A. Venue Mall - Crepe Amelie. They have relaxing ambiance that would make you want to stay for hours. In fact, when me and Ivy visited, there was a group of people who were chilling there for at least a couple of hours. The high speed Internet connection also helps. Another huge factor is the modeling agency in the 2nd floor of A. Venue Mall so expect to do some window watching while spending time there.

 Cappuccino (P120)

We started off dinner with the owner with a warm Cappuccino. It was indeed the perfect drink to get our tummies ready for a fulfilling meal ahead.

Chicken a la King (P220) 

 Shrimp Mornay (P230)

It was actually my first time to try Savoury Crepes. I never really believed in it satisfying my appetite. Well lo and behold, it actually did. I absolutely loved the creamy sauce on the tender chicken bits of the Chicken Ala King. The bell pepper and onions mixed in only did wonders for this dish. The Shrimp Mornay is creamy cheese sauce on top of shrimps, tomatoes, asparagus and mushrooms. It is indeed a healthy dish that I would love to recommend to friends. I can't wait to try the other savoury crepes when I come back here.

Strawberry Fields (P180) 

Madagascar Vanilla (P150) 

It was also my first time to try out crepe cakes and the Madagascar Vanilla made me wish I had tried it sooner. It was so good and it did not take long before I got to finish it. At first, I thought P150 for one slice is a bit too much but I changed my mind when I got to taste it.

Banana PB Nutella (P230) 

Out of all the dessert crepes, this was the only I really wanted. Don't put it on me though, they have an impressive selection of crepes. It is just that the combination of banana, peanut butter, vanilla ice cream and nutella was just too hard to resist. I also decided to add almonds to make it taste even better. 

Cucumber Apple Mint (P110)

The Cucumber Apple Mint is a refreshing drink to soothe your thirst. It is also very healthy because of the many health benefits of cucumber like improving digestion and managing stress. Its the second time I ordered this drink here and I won't hesitate to order it again and again in the future.

Crepe Amelie
Ground Floor, A. Venue Mall
Makati City