Splice opens at Greenfield District

I'm happy for Chef Ivory. My former gym buddy finally got to open her own restaurant along with business partners Malou, Japs, Matts, Oliver and Harvard. It's a good thing she did not forget me as Ivy and myself got to try out some of the food of Splice.

This plate has Doughnut Burger, Sriracha Butter Wings and Danggit and Chicken Skin Carbonara. I liked the crunchiness of the chicken wing. I don't think I was able to taste the danggit in the carbonara though which is actually a good thing since I am not a fan of it. The burger is great but for me, I thought the vegetables in it were a bit too much.

I absolutely loved the Angust Beef Tapa Poutine. It is angus beef tapa strips on top of cheese and fries. I applaud whoever thought of this dish. It is something worth craving for.

This plate has Chicken Satay and Prawn Crackers, Buco Pandan Rice and Beef Stroganoff. I was wondering where was the peanut sauce of the chicken satay though. No worries, I dipped the chicken onto the beef stroganoff and it was a great fit. Speaking of the beef, I loved the tenderness of the meat. I also applaud the creativity behind the creation of the buco pandan rice and it tastes wonderful too.

The Greenfield District, Mandaluyong City

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thelifeenthusiast ayon kay ...

Looks interesting, especially the angus beef tapa poutine! How much price range here?

Roch ayon kay ...

If only Splice were closer to home, I would have visited it in its opening day. All the items looked good and flavorful. Did the doughnut burger taste sweet?

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