Light Up the Fuse at Fuze Restaurant & Lounge

It was my first time to host a Team Aldous dinner at the city of Antipolo (there was another one but it was right up the mountains) and a Chinese restaurant as well. I didn't actually do any research about Fuze before coming here since I like being surprised. When I got there, I was surprised when I found out they were actually a Chinese cuisine. I love Chinese food so I was certainly not let down when I found out. 

Shabu Shabu Set (P799)

I have no idea why a lot of people go crazy over shabu shabu style restaurants. When I ate Fuze's Shabu Shabu set, I found out why as it is healthier and it still makes you full. The set contained crab sticks, tofu, squid balls, corn and a lot of vegetables. The first one they served was also my favorite. I was actually eating it while everyone else was finished eating.

Broccoli with Oyster Sauce (P200)

When I saw the Broccoli with Oyster Sauce, I thought it had beef cubes in it. I guess this is because I am used to ordering Beef with Broccoli. I love broccoli though and it is indeed best eaten with oyster sauce.

Hai Nan Curry Beef Brisket (P245)

The beef cubes were tender in the Hai Nan Curry Beef Brisket. I loved the sauce too. I also liked the mix of cucumber, bell pepper and onions in it. It is best eaten with rice so if they had a rice topping meal for this one, it would be highly appreciated.

Sweet & Sour Chicken (P220)

I actually thought the Sweet & Sour Chicken was Pork. I didn't realize it was chicken until I saw the menu. In my opinion, I don't think the chicken went well with the bell peppers and the onions. I thought it would be better if it had corn and carrots instead.

Mixed Seafood Noodles (P220)

I felt that the Mixed Seafood Noodles had too much sauce in it but that's entirely my opinion as I like my noodles dry. There were a lot of seafood in this one though and that is always a plus.

Crispy Lemon Chicken (P220)

I would always order Lemon Chicken if it is my first time to dine in a Chinese restaurant. Did Fuze's version impress me? It was alright but I felt that it lacked flavor in it.

Hakaw (P90)

I was so used to having four pieces in one serving of Hakaw that I was surprised there were only three pieces here. However, the taste more than made up for it.

Fuze Resto-Lounge
Masinag, Antipolo City

Seafood Diet at The Boiling Seafood Restaurant

For the first time ever, I hosted a Team Aldous lunch at Alabang Town Center, one of the oldest Ayala malls around. Since I'm a North person, I rarely go there but the concept of the Boiling Seafood Restaurant got me curious. They serve fresh seafood in a plastic bag wherein you will be tempted to use your hands on them. An apron is also provided because it is expected to become a huge mess. Unfortunately, because of the apron I mistakenly called a customer to ask for water. How embarrassing was that. Anyway, on to the food...

Crispy Calamari (P285)

Pirate Paul's Buffalo Wings (P295/6 pcs)

The Crispy Calamari and Buffalo Wings did their part as the appetizers. The Calamari was kind of decent and the Wings were actually good for a seafood themed restaurant as they were crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside. We were all careful not to eat too much of them as we knew what was coming to the table.

Shrimp in Cajun Sauce (P595/350 grams)

I actually had most of the Shrimp in Cajun Sauce. For those who don't know, the seafood of the Boiling Seafood Restaurant is fresh everyday as they are delivered from Roxas City. One bite out of the shrimp and I can tell that is indeed true.

Shrimp in Crab Fat Sauce (P595/350 grams)

They let you choose the sauce for each seafood bag as well as the level of spiciness. I requested to lower down the spices of all the seafood as I have a low tolerance on spices. I'm a shrimp lover so I could be biased when I say that it was my favorite out of all the food that was served. There are times when I thought I was full but I would go ahead and get another shrimp. It was that good.

Clams in Coconut Curry Sauce (P325/400 grams)

Mussels in Cajun Sauce (P325/400 grams)

I thought the Coconut Curry Sauce was the best among all the sauces. It had that taste that mixes well with any of the seafood served. Anyway, it was a good thing I was on a seafood diet that day which is a "when I sea food I eat it". However, I am on that diet all the time. The Clams and Mussels really made me wish I had two tummies instead of one.

Crabs in Sweet Chili Sauce (P185/100 grams)

I had the staff shred the crab for me so it would save time. It is either that or I was too lazy to do it. The crabs were really good. As a matter of fact, all the seafood were great and the sauces that came with them fit them just fine. When I come back, I will try the seafood with other sauces to see if it would be a good fit too.

BBQ Hickory Baby Back Ribs (P995/whole slab)

We were all full when the Baby Back Ribs arrived so we all took a bite then I took it home for lunch the next day. I was really able to taste the barbecue flavor in the ribs. The meat was also tender which is always good for a baby back ribs since I tried numerous ribs whose meat made my tooth ache.

The Boiling Seafood Restaurant
Alabang Town Center

Splice opens at Greenfield District

I'm happy for Chef Ivory. My former gym buddy finally got to open her own restaurant along with business partners Malou, Japs, Matts, Oliver and Harvard. It's a good thing she did not forget me as Ivy and myself got to try out some of the food of Splice.

This plate has Doughnut Burger, Sriracha Butter Wings and Danggit and Chicken Skin Carbonara. I liked the crunchiness of the chicken wing. I don't think I was able to taste the danggit in the carbonara though which is actually a good thing since I am not a fan of it. The burger is great but for me, I thought the vegetables in it were a bit too much.

I absolutely loved the Angust Beef Tapa Poutine. It is angus beef tapa strips on top of cheese and fries. I applaud whoever thought of this dish. It is something worth craving for.

This plate has Chicken Satay and Prawn Crackers, Buco Pandan Rice and Beef Stroganoff. I was wondering where was the peanut sauce of the chicken satay though. No worries, I dipped the chicken onto the beef stroganoff and it was a great fit. Speaking of the beef, I loved the tenderness of the meat. I also applaud the creativity behind the creation of the buco pandan rice and it tastes wonderful too.

The Greenfield District, Mandaluyong City

Catch the Bellysima Food Festival this weekend

The Bellysima Food Festival is happening this June 12 and 13 at the Glorietta 5 Activity Center coming from the same team behind Mercato Centrale. Since it is Independence weekend, local talent that produces unique gourmet, artisanal, organic and special food are invited to join. 

Here are some of the food you can expect when you get there:

See you all there!!!

What's New at Green Cheese?

Oh boy, do I have some great news for all of you. My favorite dessert place Green Cheese has some new items on their menu. The best part was I got lucky enough that co-owner CJ let me try them.

Matcha Lava Cake (P280)

The Matcha Lava Cake broke a world record when it became my favorite dessert in just two seconds. That's right, ladies and gentlemen! You are looking at a champion. Believe me, you have to taste it to believe it. In fact, I am craving for this wonderful creation until now. I'm so glad CJ and her partners thought up of it. It is a great alternative to the chocolate lava cake we are used to. Of course, substituting matcha for chocolate did it for me as I love matcha to bits and I am not a fan of chocolates.

Matcha Mousse Cake (P124)

I am not big on cakes but the Matcha Mousse Cake is really something. It is fluffy, soft and not too sweet. It also has that addicting flavor that will make you come back for more. It is made up of matcha sponge cake with cheesecake sandwiched in. Try it and thank me later.

Matcha Banana Smoothie (P150/short, P170/tall)

Even though summer has ended already, the Matcha Banana Smoothie is a great refreshment that'll satisfy your thirst. It is a great combination of Matcha and Banana, my favorite fruit. They also have Matcha Smoothie and Matcha Mango Smoothie and since the Matcha Banana Smoothie was good, I will definitely try the other two when I come back.

Green Cheese
Hole in the Wall, 5th Floor Century Mall
Makati City