The Sakura Season is Upon Us at Tokyo Bubble Tea

Rabbit Season! Duck Season! No, it's Sakura Season at Tokyo Bubble Tea! Ivy and myself got the chance to experience this new wave at their Tomas Morato branch and boy, not only did we leave with our tummies full but also with smiles on our faces.

Sakura Royal Milk Tea (M-P145, L-P155)

We both got the Sakura Royal Milk Tea but with different versions. She got the normal sugar version with pearls while I got the Splenda sugar version without pearls. This is one drink that's perfect for the hot weather. It has that addicting flavor which makes it hard to resist whenever I see it on the menu no matter which version you choose.

 Sakura Chicken Katsu (P368)

I had the Sakura Chicken Katsu bento meal and its great that all Sakura bento meals already includes sakura maki, salad, miso soup, Japanese fried rice and of course the main course itself. I love how the chicken katsu is under a big sunny side up egg. It is like uncovering a treasure. It is unlike any chicken katsu I have tasted before and it is something I would order over and over again.

Sakura Ebi Furai with Hamburg (P388)

Ivy had the Sakura Ebi Furai with Hamburg bento meal. The bento meal contains the same thing except the main course is two pieces of Ebi tempura and a big hamburg steak. Ivy said it is a unique pairing of tempura and burger steak which makes it is a complete meal you must try. Oh boy, I just wish there was an option to make the Japanese rice unlimited. Maybe next Sakura season!

Sakura Mango Cake Roll (P120)

I actually ate before this so I had no space in my tummy for the Sakura Mango Cake Roll so I let Ivy sample it. She says it is the perfect combination of two different things - mango and cherry. It is also not that sweet which makes it light to eat. It is a good thing she was not able to finish it either so I took it home and sampled it the next day. I have to admit she is right and it is the perfect compliment to those heavy Sakura bento meals.

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Jam A. ayon kay ...

I have only been able to try their Sakura Mango Cake roll before and it was pretty good. Looking forward to try their bento meals soon!

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