Do You Smell what The Croque is Cooking?

Shepherd's Pie (P480)

It was another hot afternoon as we met with Croque Bakery owners Joseph and Alex. Their quaint eatery located right in the heart of Makati won me from the start until the very end. The first thing you must remember when you come in here is you must try the Shepherd's Pie with Minced Lamb, Potato Puree, Vegetables and Parmiggiano Reggiano. There is certainly a good reason why it is one of their best sellers.

Pasta Al Funghi (P345)

The Pasta Al Funghi has loads of mushrooms including fresh shitake mushrooms and enoki mushrooms. It even has a 64 degrees egg that you wouldn't dare touch but you have to mix it in the pasta. It certainly defines what comfort food is all about.

Lemon and Chicken Skin

We got the Lemon and Chicken Skin as the appetizer. I love how they put a creative twist to this classic Chinese dish. They put some cabbage and bread was on the bottom of the crunchy chicken pieces. It is truly an appetizer we won't soon forget.

Virgin Calamansi Mojito (P120)

The original Croque coolers are perfect for this scorching hot weather we are currently experiencing. We started off with the Virgin Calamansi Mojito and this drink combines the addicting citrus flavor of Calamansi together with soda and mint. Its taste will make you scream "More!" in no time.

Watermelon Mint Fling (P130)

My favorite fruit is watermelon so when I saw that they have a cooler that combines it with mint, I can't hesitate but try it. I was certainly not disappointed as it is a drink I would recommend to everyone. A refreshing drink indeed!

I learned from Alex that they are a Southern France themed cafe. The couple are both travelers and I loved the way they designed the restaurant. There was actually a meeting going on in their function room and there was one old lady who came out and said "You have a lovely looking place". I couldn't agree more.

Croque Cafe + Bakery
Ground Floor, Dominion Building
Pasay Road, Makati City

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Jam A. ayon kay ...

I always see this place when I visit my nephew in Makati, but never got around to stepping inside. I'd have to schedule a visit soon! Thanks for sharing!

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