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Wow, I thought I was already near Ninak's second branch when I was at Chino Roces Avenue. It turns out I either have a bad sense of direction or the place is just too hard to find. It's actually both as I ended up going around in circles for 30 minutes. It is a good thing their food is worth all that time getting lost.

Chicken Satay (P270)

We started the lunch off with one of my favorite dishes, the Chicken Satay. It is one of those dishes that I will automatically order when I see it on the menu. They added a twist to it by having cucumber relish there other than the usual peanut sauce. When you look at the price, it is not bad at all considering you got 6 skewered chicken chunks marinated in traditional satay spices. I will go out on a limb and say that Ninak's version is hands down one of the best I have ever tasted.

Laksa (P320)

Before eating Laksa, I asked the owners if it is spicy since I am used to it being spicy. I was so happy that it is not as this Malaysian curry soup is loaded with tons of goodies such as squid balls, chicken fillet, shrimps, boiled egg, rice noodles and tofu. I'm really happy each of those ingredients are in it because they make this dish so complete! Two thumbs up!

 Nasi Goreng (P175)

Since Ninak is an Asian comfort food restaurant, you gotta have rice right? We all shared the Nasi Goreng but everyone was shy about getting the egg. The rice was so tasty but of course we are in the age where everyone is careful about eating too much rice. Yup, the unlimited rice era is all but over. That didn't stop me from getting a lot of Nasi Goreng though. It simply ruled!

 Chilean Mussels (P315)

The best part about the Chilean Mussels is that the mussels are pretty big. The spicy green coconut broth made them even better.

Crispy Beef Belly (P380)

Wow, talk about crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside. That's what the Crispy Beef Belly is all about. In fact, me and the other bloggers agree that we can taste the fats of the US Beef Belly more than the meat. That can take your cholesterol to the next level which can be a bad thing sometimes. I really enjoyed this dish though. I learned fast why it is one of their best sellers.

 Soft Shell Crab (P380)

We've got a few crunchy soft shell crab pieces here put on top of pasta. Seriously, there is nothing to dislike about this dish. The only horrible part was that it came at a time when we were all full but I will surely order it on my next visit.

 Mango Sticky Rice (P180)

Red Ruby (P130)

On a night when we were served with Ninak's best sellers, both dessert dishes tickled my sweet tooth in ways I never imagined especially the Mango Sticky Rice which was filled with what I thought was full cream milk.

Map going to Ninak

Ninak Restaurant
G/F Makati Executive Suites
Don Bosco St., Pasong Tamo
Makati City

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The Celebrity Launch of Love Does Not Hurt

Aldous ate the World is proud to be a blogger advocate of Positive Discipline: "Love Does Not Hurt!". I attended last Thursday's "Go Positive! Celebrity Advocate Media Launch" that featured celebrities Lotlot de Leon, Reema Chanco and Cherry Pie Picache.


Organized by the PETA ARTS (Advocate Right to Safety) Zone Project in partnership with Plan International, Child Rights Network (CRN) and Dakila, supported by terre des homes-Germany, German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), and the European Union (EU), the media launch featured the advocacy video, “Go Positive! The Positive Discipline Approach to Parenting.” Advocates from various sectors including public school educators, faith-based groups and youth shared testimonials on how going positive rears children who are able to grow towards reaching their full potentials and develop holistically as human beings.

Positive discipline is an approach to guiding children’s behavior without using any form of violence like spanking, pinching, humiliation, and verbal abuse. It is about instilling values of non-violence, empathy, self-respect, human rights and respect for others. Advocates champion positive discipline as a disciplinary method that involves open communication with a child, making sure that the parent-child relationship is rooted on mutual love and respect. It ensures that the child understands the consequences of his actions and allows him to make his own decisions, making discipline a matter of deep understanding and going beyond blind obedience.

PETA ARTS Zone Project, Plan International, Dakila and the Child Rights Network have been engaging in activities that encourage “duty-bearers” to go positive in disciplining children with out resorting to violent forms. In ending, Marichu Belarmino of PETA ARTS Zone said, “There are more than enough ways for affirmative child rearing practices and instilling discipline to children with out resorting to violence and at the same time upholding their rights and dignity as children. Loving our children means never hurting them.

Can't Stop Raving about Don Andres - A Peruvian Kitchen

If there's one restaurant that I blogged about and would not mind coming back as a paying customer several times, it is Don Andres - A Peruvian Kitchen. There are a couple of factors that would support that. One, they are located near me and second, they have super delicious food!!!

 Ceviche Mixto (P280)

We started off with marinated seafood in citrus juice and red chili sauce. I normally don't like eating seafood but the sauce and citrus juice made this dish something you must not miss.

Lomo Saltado (P420)

I quickly understood why the Lomo Saltado is a popular Peruvian dish. It is like a lot of things were thrown into this dish and I love them all. The sauce just makes this super yummy and it does not hurt that onions, beef tenderloin strips and fried potatoes are in there as well.

 Lengua Guisada (P420)

It was too bad the Lengua Guisada came at a time when all our tummies were already full. I still managed to find space in my stomach for a few bites and I was really impressed. I will certainly order this on my next visit so I will eat it when I'm super hungry.

 Brochetas De Lomo (P420)

I absolutely loved the tenderness of the beef tenderloin skewers in the Brochetas de Lomo. This one is best eaten with one of their rice dishes too. It is certainly a meat lover's dream come true.

Arroz Con Mariscos (P380)

  Arroz Con Mejillones (P380)

The two rice dishes were filled with tasty ingredients. After tasting them both, I wanted to personally give the chef a pat on the back for such lovely recipes. Both are filled with tasty seafood choices that will make you fall in love over and over again.

 Pollo Entero (P590 w/o sides P650 w/ sides)

Their specialty is their peruvian rotisserie chicken and it comes in different sizes like 1/4, 1/2 and 1 whole. All options come with three sauces and with either rice, mashed potatoes or fries. The chicken is really a winner and I understood right away why it is the most ordered dish here.

 Tres Leches (P165)

The Tres Leches is unlike anything I have ever tasted. It is truly heaven. It is actually sponge cake with cream topping soaked with three kinds of milk. I am actually G to come back here just to eat this lovely desert.

Don Andres - A Peruvian Kitchen
#26 Courtyard Building
Sgt Esguerra Avenue, Quezon City
Photos by Ross

The Sakura Season is Upon Us at Tokyo Bubble Tea

Rabbit Season! Duck Season! No, it's Sakura Season at Tokyo Bubble Tea! Ivy and myself got the chance to experience this new wave at their Tomas Morato branch and boy, not only did we leave with our tummies full but also with smiles on our faces.

Sakura Royal Milk Tea (M-P145, L-P155)

We both got the Sakura Royal Milk Tea but with different versions. She got the normal sugar version with pearls while I got the Splenda sugar version without pearls. This is one drink that's perfect for the hot weather. It has that addicting flavor which makes it hard to resist whenever I see it on the menu no matter which version you choose.

 Sakura Chicken Katsu (P368)

I had the Sakura Chicken Katsu bento meal and its great that all Sakura bento meals already includes sakura maki, salad, miso soup, Japanese fried rice and of course the main course itself. I love how the chicken katsu is under a big sunny side up egg. It is like uncovering a treasure. It is unlike any chicken katsu I have tasted before and it is something I would order over and over again.

Sakura Ebi Furai with Hamburg (P388)

Ivy had the Sakura Ebi Furai with Hamburg bento meal. The bento meal contains the same thing except the main course is two pieces of Ebi tempura and a big hamburg steak. Ivy said it is a unique pairing of tempura and burger steak which makes it is a complete meal you must try. Oh boy, I just wish there was an option to make the Japanese rice unlimited. Maybe next Sakura season!

Sakura Mango Cake Roll (P120)

I actually ate before this so I had no space in my tummy for the Sakura Mango Cake Roll so I let Ivy sample it. She says it is the perfect combination of two different things - mango and cherry. It is also not that sweet which makes it light to eat. It is a good thing she was not able to finish it either so I took it home and sampled it the next day. I have to admit she is right and it is the perfect compliment to those heavy Sakura bento meals.

Do You Smell what The Croque is Cooking?

Shepherd's Pie (P480)

It was another hot afternoon as we met with Croque Bakery owners Joseph and Alex. Their quaint eatery located right in the heart of Makati won me from the start until the very end. The first thing you must remember when you come in here is you must try the Shepherd's Pie with Minced Lamb, Potato Puree, Vegetables and Parmiggiano Reggiano. There is certainly a good reason why it is one of their best sellers.

Pasta Al Funghi (P345)

The Pasta Al Funghi has loads of mushrooms including fresh shitake mushrooms and enoki mushrooms. It even has a 64 degrees egg that you wouldn't dare touch but you have to mix it in the pasta. It certainly defines what comfort food is all about.

Lemon and Chicken Skin

We got the Lemon and Chicken Skin as the appetizer. I love how they put a creative twist to this classic Chinese dish. They put some cabbage and bread was on the bottom of the crunchy chicken pieces. It is truly an appetizer we won't soon forget.

Virgin Calamansi Mojito (P120)

The original Croque coolers are perfect for this scorching hot weather we are currently experiencing. We started off with the Virgin Calamansi Mojito and this drink combines the addicting citrus flavor of Calamansi together with soda and mint. Its taste will make you scream "More!" in no time.

Watermelon Mint Fling (P130)

My favorite fruit is watermelon so when I saw that they have a cooler that combines it with mint, I can't hesitate but try it. I was certainly not disappointed as it is a drink I would recommend to everyone. A refreshing drink indeed!

I learned from Alex that they are a Southern France themed cafe. The couple are both travelers and I loved the way they designed the restaurant. There was actually a meeting going on in their function room and there was one old lady who came out and said "You have a lovely looking place". I couldn't agree more.

Croque Cafe + Bakery
Ground Floor, Dominion Building
Pasay Road, Makati City