Indulge in the Breakfast Buffet of Terraz

Everything screams Five Star about Terraz as it is located at Zuellig Building, gives a nice view of the Makati Business District and of course they got some really nice food. There's nothing like starting the day off with a hearty breakfast and that's exactly what we got with Terraz's buffet plus main course.

Mixed Greens Salad with dressings and condiments

The buffet is priced at P245 ++ without the main course and P345 ++ with the main course. By now, everyone knows I'm not really a salad person but in the middle of the salad bar, I actually found chicken pasta and it was truly addicting. One of the hidden benefits of eating at a buffet is you can mix the ingredients there and nobody will care. I actually put some butter on the pasta and guess what? I loved it!

Danish Pastries

If you happen to arrive late for the buffet, then the pastries are already cold. No problem though, you have the option to have them reheat it. You can even dictate the number of minutes it gets toasted.

Choices of Cereals served with fresh and skimmed milk

I was craving for corn flakes even before I got here and I got a lot of that. If there's one thing better than cereal, it's unlimited cereals. While I was at it, I mixed the Bran, Granola and Corn Flakes and poured fresh milk into it and it ended up being something I would want to do again.

Filipino Breakfast

When you choose the option with a main course, you have the option of going with Filipino Breakfast, Western Breakfast and Japanese Breakfast. I chose the Filipino Breakfast consisting of In-house Beef Tapa, Garlic Rice, Egg Omelette and Terraz atchara and sinamak dip. My tip is to not eat too much in the buffet but it would not hurt to mix what's in the buffet in here too as I tried mixing some salad and pasta here and it was a heavenly combination to say the least.

Western Breakfast

Apple got the Western Breakfast consisting of Smoked Bacon, Hash Brown Potato, Scrambled Eggs and Roasted Herbed Tomato. There are so many choices for each breakfast option that you will spend a lot of time choosing since it is just too difficult to choose between so many good options available. You may want to ask the server about the best seller in order to save time.

Japanese Breakfast

Finally, here's the Japanese Breakfast with Salmon Belly Teriyaki, Scallion Scrambled Eggs, Japanese Plain Rice, Sesame Spinach, Mushrooms and Japanese Miso Soup. I think the Japanese Breakfast has the most food and the Salmon tastes good too. You can't go wrong with the numerous side dishes in the plate especially the miso soup. It is a good thing the plate is so wide so you can also experiment by getting food from the buffet and putting that in here.

3rd Floor Retail Pavillon
Zuellig Building, Makati Avenue

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