Get a Load of Uncle Cheffy's Exclusive Fresh Corned Beef Creation Dishes

Who would have ever thought there would be Corned Beef themed dishes? It's a good thing my man Uncle Cheffy is so smart that he created all these goodies. The best part was we got first dibs on all the dishes that were served to us tonight. Uncle Cheffy Group CEO Larry Cortez even told us that we could be completely honest with our opinions on the food. After that, I even asked him if he was sure about that but it did not matter so LET THE BASHING BEGIN...

Corned Beef Panizza (P195 Jr P360 Fam)

When you think of Uncle Cheffy, I'm sure the first thing that would come to mind is the panizza since that is what makes them popular. It is the first time I actually tasted corned beef as an ingredient in a panizza or any pizza for that matter. Even breakfast themed pizzas didn't have it as far as I can remember. That did not stop Larry and Mau from experimenting and I have to hand it to them. The Corned Beef Panizza ruled my taste buds. It wouldn't hurt to add more cheese into this masterpiece though.

Mediterranean Corned Beef (P190 Jr P350 Fam)

Larry told us that the reason for these new dishes is that he loves corned beef. I really don't like corned beef alone with rice so I appreciate their creativity in infusing it with different flavors. The Mediterranean flavor with garlic and olives is the type that will make you want to have it all to yourself and forget you have other people to share it with.

Corned Beef Curry (P170 JR P310 Fam)

I liked the sauce of the Corned Beef Curry. I also loved the fact that it had a lot of potatoes. The sauce goes well with rice so I advise you to order a lot of that. It would be hard to see the amount of corned beef here though because of the sauce but after you dig in, you probably wouldn't mind.

Corned Beef Pasta (P170 Jr P310 Fam)

I don't like pasta that much so I wasn't able to try the Corned Beef Pasta. The other bloggers said it was great even though I was turned off by the number of black olives in the dish. I'm not a big fan of that either.

The Uncle Cheffy Fried Chicken is going to be the center of a soon to open restaurant of the Chef's Quarter group. I can just imagine this chicken getting mixed with side dishes like pinakbet and chopsuey. It is a good thing we got to critique it first and when I first saw it, I immediately grabbed the entire thigh part. I absolutely love that part as I can remember the chicken all you can days of Max's (I wish they would have that promo too when they open that restaurant) where I would gobble up at least 10 thigh parts and not get sick of it. Their version was not bad either. I thought the katsup was not a good fit as they should introduce more sauces for the chicken.

Corned Beef Sinigang (P195 Jr P360 Fam)

The Corned Beef Sinigang is not exactly for the weather right now but I am expecting it to pick up steam when the rainy season strikes. If it isn't as hot as you expected, you can always have them reheat it. I wish I could say the corned beef was cooked to perfection but that isn't exactly the case. I wish it was though as that would make this dish a 5 star one

Boiled Corned Beef (P195 Jr P360 Fam)

I couldn't see much of a difference between the Corned Beef Sinigang and the Boiled Corned Beef. It's like it would be awkward if you order them both. It is another dish that should be eaten when it is freshly cooked or else it would lose its taste. However, what happened was we ended up waiting for all the dishes to arrive before we could eat them so we ended up not enjoying this. Don't make the same mistake though. This is one dish you should not take numerous pictures of before trying it.

Corned Beef and Mushroom Salpicao (P165 Jr P295 Fam)

Out of all the corned beef dishes, my favorite is the Corned Beef and Mushroom Salpicao. It has that addicting flavor that would make me want to have another piece, then another one.

In case you didn't notice, I didn't go Aldous Hates the World on the new food of Uncle Cheffy and it is because they hit the right note for me.

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