Enjoy 90's Music ever Wednesday at Rocket Room

Party People, What's up?

The music is wild and rowdy at Rocket Room with songs from the 1990's. When I got the news about this theme, I was so giddy since that was my time. Yeah, I feel old but so what? The music right now can't be compared to the 1990's music as it was so much better that time.

It is safe to say that Wednesday nights will never be the same.

Did you hear about the new DUI law that was approved? I certainly forgot about that when I saw the lovely cocktails at Rocket Room. It was a great idea to start the night with Apples in the Penthouse. This cocktail had Washington red apple & Cinammon bark rum, caramel crisp, lemon juice and cinammon syrup. I think you can hardly taste the alcohol in their cocktails and that can be a good thing for some. There is actually cinammon syrup on the outside of the glass so look out for that. The drink was great and I am saying that as I love cinammon and apples.

We also got first dibs on dishes that have yet to appear on the menu. Starting the night was Calamari Frito. There is nothing to dislike about this dish as I kept on munching on it as I could care less that there are more to come. It is a good thing it is not that heavy on the tummy.

I am a sucker for seafood so it was hard to ignore the Piri Piri Chilean Mussels even if it was one of the first that was served to us. It contained salsa verde dip, garlic, fresh lemon and white wine. The combination was just too good to resist.

Who doesn't like Chicharon? Their homemade chicharon is shaped like a giant brain so better have the staff chop it down to pieces. The vinegar goes great with it too.

The Garlic Bianca Pizza was one dish that I looked forward to and it did not disappoint one bit. Its soft crust combined with fresh baby spinach, malagos pecorino and roasted & toasted garlic made it a must try.

They have these chicken wings that are not on the menu too and we got first dibs on it. How cool is that? I loved how they combined cucumber with these crunchy wings. The cucumber eliminates the need to order extra rice and that is good for those watching their weight.

Rocket Room
Bonifacio High Street

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