Seize the Summer Heat at Seazure - The Trigger

Don't let that summer body go to waste. Party your heart out as Aldous ate the World is a proud media partner of Seazure - The Trigger proudly presented by the Phi Sigma Gamma Fraternity of the UST Med School. Be there or be square on May 9!

Book your rooms now at the Taramindu Beach Resort, Batangas as you will surely get wasted from sunset to sunrise. Tickets are being sold at P1000 but you can get them now until the event at only P600. Just call 09273137876 for any inquiries. You can also check out pictures of the resort at their official website.

Party at the beach to the beautiful music being played by Noel Bugia, Jazz, Rammy Bitong and Supmerman.

For only P300, you and a friend can compete in a beer pong tournament with a chance to take home a cool cash prize.

What are you waiting for? Buy your tickets now and you may just get a chance to see me in my beach body! Errr, yeah... 

For updates, check out their Facebook page

Get a Load of Uncle Cheffy's Exclusive Fresh Corned Beef Creation Dishes

Who would have ever thought there would be Corned Beef themed dishes? It's a good thing my man Uncle Cheffy is so smart that he created all these goodies. The best part was we got first dibs on all the dishes that were served to us tonight. Uncle Cheffy Group CEO Larry Cortez even told us that we could be completely honest with our opinions on the food. After that, I even asked him if he was sure about that but it did not matter so LET THE BASHING BEGIN...

Corned Beef Panizza (P195 Jr P360 Fam)

When you think of Uncle Cheffy, I'm sure the first thing that would come to mind is the panizza since that is what makes them popular. It is the first time I actually tasted corned beef as an ingredient in a panizza or any pizza for that matter. Even breakfast themed pizzas didn't have it as far as I can remember. That did not stop Larry and Mau from experimenting and I have to hand it to them. The Corned Beef Panizza ruled my taste buds. It wouldn't hurt to add more cheese into this masterpiece though.

Mediterranean Corned Beef (P190 Jr P350 Fam)

Larry told us that the reason for these new dishes is that he loves corned beef. I really don't like corned beef alone with rice so I appreciate their creativity in infusing it with different flavors. The Mediterranean flavor with garlic and olives is the type that will make you want to have it all to yourself and forget you have other people to share it with.

Corned Beef Curry (P170 JR P310 Fam)

I liked the sauce of the Corned Beef Curry. I also loved the fact that it had a lot of potatoes. The sauce goes well with rice so I advise you to order a lot of that. It would be hard to see the amount of corned beef here though because of the sauce but after you dig in, you probably wouldn't mind.

Corned Beef Pasta (P170 Jr P310 Fam)

I don't like pasta that much so I wasn't able to try the Corned Beef Pasta. The other bloggers said it was great even though I was turned off by the number of black olives in the dish. I'm not a big fan of that either.

The Uncle Cheffy Fried Chicken is going to be the center of a soon to open restaurant of the Chef's Quarter group. I can just imagine this chicken getting mixed with side dishes like pinakbet and chopsuey. It is a good thing we got to critique it first and when I first saw it, I immediately grabbed the entire thigh part. I absolutely love that part as I can remember the chicken all you can days of Max's (I wish they would have that promo too when they open that restaurant) where I would gobble up at least 10 thigh parts and not get sick of it. Their version was not bad either. I thought the katsup was not a good fit as they should introduce more sauces for the chicken.

Corned Beef Sinigang (P195 Jr P360 Fam)

The Corned Beef Sinigang is not exactly for the weather right now but I am expecting it to pick up steam when the rainy season strikes. If it isn't as hot as you expected, you can always have them reheat it. I wish I could say the corned beef was cooked to perfection but that isn't exactly the case. I wish it was though as that would make this dish a 5 star one

Boiled Corned Beef (P195 Jr P360 Fam)

I couldn't see much of a difference between the Corned Beef Sinigang and the Boiled Corned Beef. It's like it would be awkward if you order them both. It is another dish that should be eaten when it is freshly cooked or else it would lose its taste. However, what happened was we ended up waiting for all the dishes to arrive before we could eat them so we ended up not enjoying this. Don't make the same mistake though. This is one dish you should not take numerous pictures of before trying it.

Corned Beef and Mushroom Salpicao (P165 Jr P295 Fam)

Out of all the corned beef dishes, my favorite is the Corned Beef and Mushroom Salpicao. It has that addicting flavor that would make me want to have another piece, then another one.

In case you didn't notice, I didn't go Aldous Hates the World on the new food of Uncle Cheffy and it is because they hit the right note for me.

Get Ready for Earthday Jam 2015

Tonight, the 15th Earthday Jam will feature over 20 bands and 100 musicians in close to 10 hours of music and discourses that will feature music in various genres as divers as world and classical through the Adingkra Djembe Lumads Community and Orchestra of the Filipino Youth; pop-rock bands Rocksteddy, Rivermaya and True Faith. Female frontliners headed by artist-producer rock icon Lou Bonnevie and singer-musician Barbie Almalbis; Rock iconic bands Wolfgang, Franco and Slapshock; award winning dance crew Philippine All-Stars; alternative bands Radioactive Sago Project and the Chongkeys with soul siren nin, Hiphop sensation Abra and his crew with the vocal group The Company, The Orchestra of the Filipino Youth and much more

Indulge in the Breakfast Buffet of Terraz

Everything screams Five Star about Terraz as it is located at Zuellig Building, gives a nice view of the Makati Business District and of course they got some really nice food. There's nothing like starting the day off with a hearty breakfast and that's exactly what we got with Terraz's buffet plus main course.

Mixed Greens Salad with dressings and condiments

The buffet is priced at P245 ++ without the main course and P345 ++ with the main course. By now, everyone knows I'm not really a salad person but in the middle of the salad bar, I actually found chicken pasta and it was truly addicting. One of the hidden benefits of eating at a buffet is you can mix the ingredients there and nobody will care. I actually put some butter on the pasta and guess what? I loved it!

Danish Pastries

If you happen to arrive late for the buffet, then the pastries are already cold. No problem though, you have the option to have them reheat it. You can even dictate the number of minutes it gets toasted.

Choices of Cereals served with fresh and skimmed milk

I was craving for corn flakes even before I got here and I got a lot of that. If there's one thing better than cereal, it's unlimited cereals. While I was at it, I mixed the Bran, Granola and Corn Flakes and poured fresh milk into it and it ended up being something I would want to do again.

Filipino Breakfast

When you choose the option with a main course, you have the option of going with Filipino Breakfast, Western Breakfast and Japanese Breakfast. I chose the Filipino Breakfast consisting of In-house Beef Tapa, Garlic Rice, Egg Omelette and Terraz atchara and sinamak dip. My tip is to not eat too much in the buffet but it would not hurt to mix what's in the buffet in here too as I tried mixing some salad and pasta here and it was a heavenly combination to say the least.

Western Breakfast

Apple got the Western Breakfast consisting of Smoked Bacon, Hash Brown Potato, Scrambled Eggs and Roasted Herbed Tomato. There are so many choices for each breakfast option that you will spend a lot of time choosing since it is just too difficult to choose between so many good options available. You may want to ask the server about the best seller in order to save time.

Japanese Breakfast

Finally, here's the Japanese Breakfast with Salmon Belly Teriyaki, Scallion Scrambled Eggs, Japanese Plain Rice, Sesame Spinach, Mushrooms and Japanese Miso Soup. I think the Japanese Breakfast has the most food and the Salmon tastes good too. You can't go wrong with the numerous side dishes in the plate especially the miso soup. It is a good thing the plate is so wide so you can also experiment by getting food from the buffet and putting that in here.

3rd Floor Retail Pavillon
Zuellig Building, Makati Avenue

Enjoy 90's Music ever Wednesday at Rocket Room

Party People, What's up?

The music is wild and rowdy at Rocket Room with songs from the 1990's. When I got the news about this theme, I was so giddy since that was my time. Yeah, I feel old but so what? The music right now can't be compared to the 1990's music as it was so much better that time.

It is safe to say that Wednesday nights will never be the same.

Did you hear about the new DUI law that was approved? I certainly forgot about that when I saw the lovely cocktails at Rocket Room. It was a great idea to start the night with Apples in the Penthouse. This cocktail had Washington red apple & Cinammon bark rum, caramel crisp, lemon juice and cinammon syrup. I think you can hardly taste the alcohol in their cocktails and that can be a good thing for some. There is actually cinammon syrup on the outside of the glass so look out for that. The drink was great and I am saying that as I love cinammon and apples.

We also got first dibs on dishes that have yet to appear on the menu. Starting the night was Calamari Frito. There is nothing to dislike about this dish as I kept on munching on it as I could care less that there are more to come. It is a good thing it is not that heavy on the tummy.

I am a sucker for seafood so it was hard to ignore the Piri Piri Chilean Mussels even if it was one of the first that was served to us. It contained salsa verde dip, garlic, fresh lemon and white wine. The combination was just too good to resist.

Who doesn't like Chicharon? Their homemade chicharon is shaped like a giant brain so better have the staff chop it down to pieces. The vinegar goes great with it too.

The Garlic Bianca Pizza was one dish that I looked forward to and it did not disappoint one bit. Its soft crust combined with fresh baby spinach, malagos pecorino and roasted & toasted garlic made it a must try.

They have these chicken wings that are not on the menu too and we got first dibs on it. How cool is that? I loved how they combined cucumber with these crunchy wings. The cucumber eliminates the need to order extra rice and that is good for those watching their weight.

Rocket Room
Bonifacio High Street

Mercato Presents Picnic Style Dining at Glorietta 4 Dolphin Park

You're not dreaming. You are actually seeing people having picnic right in the heart of Makati. I have to hand it to the creative geniuses behind Mercato as their new branch - Mercato at Glorietta 4 Dolphin Park gave me the chance to have a picnic for the first time an unlikely place. I would never have imagined having a picnic while staring at the tall towers of Makati City.

Mercato at Glorietta 4 Dolphin Park is now open to the public every Thursday and Friday from 4PM to 3AM. While I was checking out the food vendors, I saw some old faces and some new ones too. You can't blame upcoming food vendors for trying because a lot of food companies including Manang's Chicken and Merry Moo started out their business at Mercato Centrale.

Aside from the awesome street food, there are also musical performances and even a live movie being shown in the middle of the picnic area. It was a wonderful dining experience and I can't wait to eat here again when I come back to the area.

Mercato at Glorietta 4 Dolphin Park