Mediterranean Choices at Bistro Lima

Not too long ago, we went all the way to the Mediterraneans..err Las Pinas to experience a Mediterranean themed buffet. To my surprise, the servers and cooks were actually students of SISFU. SIS obviously stands for Southville International School if you are a Southie and I will let you guess what FU stands for. Umm no, it's not what you think. It stands for Foreign Universities as SISFU as a whole stands for Southville International School affiliated with Foreign Universities.

The servers that night were as young as 17 years old as I found out they did it as freshmen. I actually found that as a cool approach to training culinary students so they know what to do when they graduate. We also got to talk with the big bosses of the school. It obviously meant that we had to observe EOP (English Only Polic) and it wasn't long before I got a nose bleed as we all speaking in dollars.


The Mediterranean buffet consisted of wonderful main course dishes such as Cuttlefish in Wine, Yogurt Chicken, Greek Meatballs, Buttered Vegetables, Greek Lemon Potatoes and Greek Pasta topped with Bechamel. I actually liked the Yogurt Chicken the best of them all as I took numerous sticks while we were interviewing the school's top officials. They were obviously humbled by the presence of the Greek God of Pigging Out, me.

No buffet is complete without desserts and the choices were fruits, pastries, cakes and Creme Caramel. The school's top officials told us that a majority of the graduates ended up working abroad. It actually made me want to send my kids here for college until I remembered that I don't have kids. The Mediterranean theme is actually a part of a week long International buffet theme where each day would have a different theme. The students actually wore Greek costumes and we found out they were actually made up of table cloth. I even asked if there was a prize for creativity because they deserve cookies for their costumes.

We had a wonderful time and we are looking forward to coming back and hopefully tour the school this time as we were unable to because of our full tummies that time.

Bistro Lima
Southville International School, Las Pinas
SISFU Website

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The food looked interesting. Sometimes, students cook and prepare food much better than professionals because they are graded by their professors and still under the school administration.

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