Burp with Satisfaction by digging in the Chicken Charlie Family Bundle

The Family Bundle of Chicken Charlie is a tummy-filling meal for the entire family. It contains 4 pieces of chicken, 4 wings, 4 sides of your choices, 4 cups of rice and 4 drinks at only P619.

The good thing about Chicken Charlie chicken is they use 100% natural oil, they are always freshly prepared, they are non-greasy and its got that extraordinary taste that you will always crave for. It is great to know these facts before you dive in and eat these crunchy chicken pieces.

For the sides, we had french fries, salad, dynamite cheese sticks and soup. The manager told us the french fries are freshly caught which puzzled me since it isn't an animal. It turns out she means they have no preservatives. I can only imagine how healthy it is to eat at Chicken Charlie. The cheese sticks are not that spicy like I expected which is a good thing for me. The soup is actually good since I ended up having it to myself and that didn't go well with my companions for that night.

The Milo Dino (P75) is such a heavenly treat. Me and Cates are both health conscious so we planned on sharing one but that didn't happen as we ended up having one each. The folks working near the area are lucky since they could grab this drink anytime. Of course, that's not overlooking the awesome chicken of Chicken Charlie. The food here is something I would come back for over and over again.

Chicken Charlie
2nd Avenue cor. 31st street
Bonifacio Global City

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Roch ayon kay ...

My friend opened up a Chicken Charlie at Lucky Chinatown Mall before but then it was pulled out after a year. I never got to try the food here. The Milo Dino looks huge for one person to finish alone.

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